The presentation of the book of well-known Uighur writer and poet  Durnyam Mashurova was the final phase of the days of Uighur culture in the Kazakh National Medical University.

The days of the Uighur culture opened the ethnic festival at the University. During this time, students had the opportunity to get acquainted with the rich and unique culture of the Uighur people, their customs, traditions and achievements.
The writer Durnyam Mashurova equally talented in writing poetry and prose. An entire collection of Mashurova’s poems was published on the pages of the Uighur women’s magazine «Intizar. In her words performed popular songs in the Uighur language. «Mother’s will» — a family saga about Uighur people, she introduces readers to the culture and traditions of the Uighurs. It is a novel about the plight of Uighur women with 30 years of the last century to the present day. The historical background of the book — it’s Stalinist repression, the Great Patriotic War, perestroika, the Afghan war. The main idea of ​​the saga — it’s original context of the Uighur culture at the backdrop of rural Kazakhstan.
«I wanted to share the stories of the lives of ordinary villagers. As Uighur blanket created from small patches, so is my book consists of short stories of lives of several generations of Uighur families. Thank you very much for this opportunity to share with you a part of my heart «- said Durnyam Mashurova.
Guests of the event, the author of the book, representatives of the Uighur diaspora heartily thanked the prorector for scientific and educational work of KazNMU Aigul Karakushikova for her contribution to the organization and holding of the Days of the Uighur culture: «We are proud that the days of Uighur culture and traditions took place in the famous medical university for the first time. Thank you for a bright and good holiday! «.
As noted Aigul Karakushikova, «This year we celebrate 20 years of Independence, we have planned many activities and their purpose is to create a sense of pride for their people, strengthen national identity and friendship among the students. Ethnic tolerance is impossible without knowledge of the culture of peoples of our multinational country. Meetings with representatives of different ethnic groups and speakers of different cultures became a good tradition for our university. During these days we have learned so many new things, just like today. I’ve myself read the book «Mother’s will», it impressed me by its simplicity. On behalf of the University A. Karakushikova thanked Rakhimova Clara Vilyamovna, Republican Uyghur Musical Comedy Theater, an art gallery «Duniya-art», Women’s Council of the Republican National Uighur Center, Durnyam Mashurova for their assistance during the Days of the Uighur culture.

Press office KazNMU