About holding the day of foreign languages department


The Day of foreign languages department was held on the 24th of February, 2012. The following arrangements were carried out:

1. Presentation about the department’s activity with showing slides performed by senior teacher, responsible for department studies Sadykova A.A.

2. Mini-performances on Shakespeare’s works and fragments on the themes of optional lessons were shown.

Students showed the main “classical” scenes of the most famous tragedies and comedies of W. Shakespeare: “Romeo and Juliet”, “Midnight summer dream” and improvised scenes on the themes: “My future profession”, “Customs and traditions of Great Britain”, prepared necessary costumes and properties, answered quiz-game questions.

3. Contest of songs in foreign languages was held. About 30 students of the 1-2 courses of pharmaceutical and stomatological faculties and “General Medicine” faculty took part in the contest. Members of the jury assessed students’ singing by 5 marks. The following indices were taken into consideration:

  • performing a song in a foreign language
  • vocal and artistic abilities
  • musical accompaniment
  • interpretation of a song

8 winners of the contest were determined. Students of group 11-005 (1) of stomatological faculty Galimova Aiman and Galimova Sholpan and students of group 11-051 (2) of “General medicine” faculty Baidauletov Dauren and Ibragimov Alibek took the 1st place. They were given diplomas and presents. The winners of the 2 second and 3 third places were also determined. Each participant of the contest was rewarded by deeds for active participation in the Day of the department.

The Head of the department, associate professor, Suleimenova O.Ya. thanked all the participants of the Day of the department and she expressed hope that such arrangements will be traditional because they are of great educational importance for students and they contribute to the development of their language competence. This is a stimulus for further development, any of our students is able to many things.

The dean of the faculty “Management in public health and pharmacy” Ivanchenko N.N. emphasized about the necessity of holding the Day of the department for creative potential development and support of talented youth.

This arrangement took a great interest among students, all the participants showed creative activity and were thanked for the chance to realize their creative potential and communicative habits.


Senior teacher of foreign languages department Sadykova A.A.