Aims and objectives

The purpose of the project is the modernization of educational programs for health care at universities of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.
• The project provides:
• Teaching education disciplines modernizers onPublic health with the European partners on the subjects:
1. Valeology
2. Fundamentals of medical knowledge
3. Age physiology and hygiene
4. Sports Medicine and Hygiene of Physical training
5. Therapeutic physical training and hygiene physical training (for non-medical institutions)
6. Public health and public health management
7. Improving best practice ofrendering  the first pre-medical aid (for medical schools)

Adaptation, modernization and restructure of the Public health disciplines

Creation of teaching methodic complexes based on the modernized training courses on Public health

Formation of the necessary teaching skills for the implementation of the modernized educationaldisciplines

Development of multimedia products for 7 disciplines

Testing of modernized curricula and updating them on the basis of the analysis results

During the developing of the educational courses the working groups will be provided with the technical and educational equipment. The effectiveness of the project will be supported by the organization and by conducting special training seminars, the close cooperation between the partners of the European Union (EU) and partner countries (SP), as well as by constant monitoring for the implementation of the project. Information will be given through conferences, publications on web sites.