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Transfer and restoration to educational programs of KazNMU 

named after S.D. Asfendiyarov


Dear students!

Acceptance of applications and documents for the transfer and restoration of students to the educational programs of S.D. Asfendiyarov KazNMU from other educational organizations, including foreign ones, will be carried out in the period from 07/01/2024 to 08/12/2024. 

A complete list of documents is required for the transfer or restoration procedure:

  1. 1. The official transcript from the university where the student is studying at the time of translation, sealed. The transcript from a foreign organization must be translated into Russian/Kazakh and notarized in the Republic of Kazakhstan. − a copy of the UNT/CT certificate (with the exception of internship/master’s degree and from a foreign organization).
  2. A copy of the certificate of the educational grant holder (if available);
  3. Results of the psychometric exam;
  4. When transferring students studying under a grant from other universities, it is necessary to provide an extract from the order on the appointment of a scholarship (if available) with an indication of numeric and alphabetic designations;
  5. Application for transfer to the name of the head of the university where he studied (with the signature of the head and seal);
  6. A document on the completion of the previous level of education, which is undergoing the recognition procedure in the Republic of Kazakhstan in accordance with the procedure established by the Rules for the recognition of educational documents, as well as a list of foreign organizations of higher and (or) postgraduate education, whose educational documents are recognized in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan» approved by the order of the acting The Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 352 dated July 19, 2021 (for transfer from a foreign educational organization) or a certificate of submission of documents for recognition with further provision of the already recognized document within 30 working days after the release of the order on transfer/restoration;
  7. The results of entrance tests for admission to foreign educational organizations (for transfer from a foreign educational organization) or official confirmation from the university, in the absence of entrance tests or other form of enrollment in the university;
  8. A document confirming the fact of the complete completion of the first academic period of the program being mastered according to the individual curriculum (for transfer from a foreign educational organization);
  9. The application and attached documents are submitted to the Dean’s office of the relevant school/faculty of the University.

The staff of the dean’s offices carry out acceptance of documents and consultation. Contacts and address of deans:

School/Faculty Address Contacts
School of General Medicine -1 Almaty, 88 Tole bi str., (corner of Seifullina Ave.), academic building No. 4 1) Tagirova Rima Toleukhanovna+7 700 489 89 96,

[email protected]

2) Zhakupova Kalymyzy Baimukhambetovna, +7 705 301 67 88,

3) Mukasheva Maral Sakenovna, 8777 548 58 46,

School of General Medicine -2 Almaty, 88 Tole bi str., (corner of Seifullina Ave.), academic building No. 4 1) Elgondina Gulden Bazarbayevna

+7-701-577-40-58, [email protected]

2) Ilyasova Ayauly Dauletovna

+7 771 491 36 22,

[email protected]

3) Kurmangalieva Zhania Zhanbosovna

+7-707-312-56-94, zh.kurmangaliyeva@kaznmu


School of Public Health Almaty, 88 Tole bi str., (corner of Seifullina Ave.), academic building No. 4 1) Public health

— Abgambayeva Nagima Nurseitovna

+77023760471, [email protected];

— Mukhamedzhanova Zhadyra Mauletovna +77473419795,[email protected]

2) Nursing — Manap Aliya Abayevna +77053961828, [email protected]

School of Pharmacy Almaty, 88 Tole bi str., (corner of Seifullina Ave.), academic building No. 4 1) Zhagiparova Zhanar Amangeldievna,

+77767374665, [email protected]

2) Baytaeva Ainur

+77023805657, [email protected]

International Faculty Almaty, 88 Tole bi str., (corner of Seifullina Ave.), academic building No. 4 1) Tulegenova Bekzat Myktybaevna

+7 702 844 57 85

[email protected]

2) Altai Ardak

+7 708 163 57 02

[email protected]

School of Dentistry Almaty, Seifullina str., 453 (Tole bi corner), academic building No. 3
  1. Idryshova Dinara Nurlanovna

+7 707 941 8911,

[email protected]

2)Dayrabayeva Uldamet Nurlanovna


[email protected]

3)Serikkazina Yerkezhan Ardakovna

+7 702 861 6074, [email protected]

4)Tezekbayeva Gulzat asylkhanovna

+7 702 957 6792, [email protected]

Department of Master’s and PhD Doctoral Studies Almaty, 16/3 Mametova str., 1st floor 1)Magistracy —

Bukabayeva Saltanat Aitakhunovna,


[email protected]

2) PhD –

Kaimoldina Sandugash Kalymkanovna,


[email protected]

Faculty of Postgraduate Education Almaty, 16/3 Mametova str., 1st floor
  1. Abzhaparova Shalkar Almabekovna,


[email protected]

2) Khabdin Kurmet Elubayevich, +7 778 314 25 88, [email protected]


We inform you that students expelled from the University for violating the Code of Academic Integrity cannot be reinstated at KazNMU named after S.D. Asfendiyarov.

Please note that after 08/12/2024 applications and documents for transfer and restoration will not be accepted.