Beauty Contest at the general medicine faculty


The girl — is the embodiment of beauty, intelligence and humanity
She is always beautiful, she is talented and inquisitive. The girl — bride, expectant mother, in her hands the future of the universe.

Our girls are not only clever, beautiful, but also future doctors, owners of the noblest profession. March 14, 2012 Student Government general medicine faculty was organized the contest «Miss faculty — 2012.»

The contest after casting of the female students of 1-3 courses of General Medicine faculty has been selected eight girls. Participants were required to submit themselves to show their art, crafts, answer the situational questions correctly to keep yourself on stage.
The competition jury assessed the representative of the company «Faberlic» G.Amanova, director of beauty «Asia beauty» А.Abitaeva, dean assistant of general medicine faculty K.T.Kashaganova, representative of the department of educational S.A.Apsattarova, a student of the 1 course «II Vice Miss Kazakhstan» Abdrakhmanov Arna.

The spectators were not only students KazNMU, but also students of Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi, Kazakh Academy of Sport and Tourism, as well among the audience were the parents of students.

Contestants were beautiful, one better than another. «I Vice Miss» became a student of 3rd course Abitaeva Zhansaya, «II Vice Miss» became a student of 2nd course Mahazhanova Saltanat, «III Vice Miss» became a student of 2nd course Alpysbaeva Kunekey. A student following a course of contestants divided between the category: Ikramov Asel — «Сүйкімді ару» Bayauova Gulzat — «Қылықты ару» Nurbek Inkar — «Өнерлі ару,» Isa Ulbosyn — «Кербез ару.» But still stood out from all the girls the only one of its charm was the best and grace, a student of 2nd course 10-033-1 Bazarkulova Akerke, which she won the title of «Miss Faculty – 2012.» Contestants were able to show by example young people, what it means to be a model of politeness, charm to, respect for elders and the traditions of the Kazakh people.

The winner received diplomas from the organizers, the cosmetic company «Faberlic» and beauty salon «Asia beauty» awarded gifts, and the audience showered with beautiful colors of the Faculty of General Medicine.

It was truly a celebration of spring, the triumph of goodness and beauty.


Dean assistant of general medicine faculty K.T.Kashaganova