Center of Communicative Skills


The purposes and objectives of the Center of Communicative Skills

The main purpose of the Center activity is consecutive formation of communicative competence in pre-graduate, graduate and postgraduate education.


Thematic objectives of the Centre are:

  • The achievement of a new modern quality of pre-graduate, graduate and postgraduate education;
  • The organization of an effective process of mastering of knowledge, communicative skills, to successfully carry out professional activities affected the quality of medical care to the population, job satisfaction.
  • The organization of pedagogical maintenance, communicative, personal and professional development of students at all stages of professional training.


The functions of the Center of Communicative Skills

In the framework of realization of the purposes and objectives, the Centre provides the following main functions and activity lines:


Educational work:
The purpose — to prepare and to teach communication skills for professorial and teacher’s staff (PTS), students and actors. To organize the conducting of consultations, workshops, conferences of various grades of the Centre profile.

  • Training and education of professorial and teacher’s staff (PTS) — teaching theoretical foundations of communicative skills in the form of lectures, presentations, demonstrations, videos, interviews, etc. (PTS)
  • Conducting the trainings for PTS and actors, in the form of training sessions as one of the form of problem-based learning.
  • Psychological counseling of PTS — carrying out psychological counseling as treatment of problematic issues.
  • Training of actors – learning the basics of medical knowledge, particularly  in the field of communication with patients — giving lectures on the basic directions in medicine (surgery, internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics), at the same time the  differentiation of the actors on the predominant direction they will work(choice of the medical field).
  • Working out and writing scripts — for an effective demonstration of clinical cases by actors, role-playing scripts, writing and conducting rehearsals with the actors to work out the correct version of the case.

Methodical work

The purpose:
The organization of the interrelation between the departments, leading chairs  and consultants of communicative competence , for the successful education of students to develop communicative competence. The designing and implementation of software products.

  • Interaction with departments
  • Interaction with other units and their leadership
  • Interaction with the Center of Practical Skills
  • Preparation of accounting reports
  • Implementation of various projects in the professional development of PTS
  • Organization of informational support (Internet portal)
  • Organization of Distance Learning


The organization and management of expert work:

The purpose: The organization of coordination and monitoring  the quality of the teaching of communicative competence.

The objectives:

  • Working out and applying of effective diagnostic methods for  of communicative competence;
  • Complex assessment of communicative competence of teaching staff and students;
  • Diagnosis of communicative competence in the frame of an objective structural clinical examination;
  •  Development of practical recommendations for improving the communicative competence;
  • Coordination of team coaches work

The programs coordination of performance development of staff members.

Communicative skills and communication itself is a multi-faceted process necessary for the organization of contacts between people in the course of joint activity.  And in this sense it refers to the phenomena of the material. But in the course of communication, the participants interchange with their thoughts, intentions, ideas, feelings, and not just their physical activities or products as the results of labor fixed in the material. Therefore, communication facilitates the transfer, exchange, coordination of ideal feelings that exist in the individual as a representation, perception, thinking, etc.
Communication functions are diverse. They can be detected by comparative analysis of human intercourse with different partners in different contexts, depending on the means and the influence on the behavior and psyche of the participants of communication.
In the system of human relationships with other people it is assigned the communication functions   as informative — communicative, regulatory -communicative, and affective-communicative. 


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