Center of practical skills

In 2007 in Kazakh National Medical University named after S. D. Asfendiyarov based on the Center of Innovative Technologies in Education was created the Simulation Center.It was createdwithin the framework of program of MoHRK003/109″Creation of public medicalinstitutions of higher educationteaching andclinicalcenters».  The Simulation Center of KazNMU – educational base with an area of 723 sq. m, was structural unit of KazNMU working and testing the delivery of students practical skills, internship students on training mannequins and virtual simulators.

In connection with the transition of KazNMU to a new model of education and the introduction of competitive approach emerged the need of control and development of practical competence of graduates in all fields and disciplines. In 2011 according to the order №291 of the rector of KazNMU from 10.05.11 y. the Simulative Center was reorganized into the Center of Practical Skills (CPS). On September 16, 2011 was opening ceremony of CPS named after KassenKozhakanov, outstanding children’s surgeon, professor,Academician of theAcademy of Preventive Medicine, laureate of State Prizeof Kazakhstan.

The main purpose of CPS is to implement the operational and communicative competence in the educational model  ofKazNMU.

The Centre consists of the following skills units:

  • The Center of Medical Simulation.
  • The Centre of Communicative Skills.
  • The Center of Pharmaceutical skills
  • The Center of dental skills
  • OSCE Center (Independent assessment of the knowledge and skills)
  • The Center forEmergency Medicine.
  • Division ofthe instrumentalfunctional diagnostics


The objectives are to broadcast procedural skills for the modern waxworks and simulators, playing clinical situations with the help of full size interactive mannequins, practice of communicative skills on standardized patients, teaching with the use of modern diagnostic and productive equipment, as well as with virtual gaming.