Clinical Council

Clinical Council (hereinafter — Council) — an advisory body responsible for addressing issues related to the therapeutic activity of structural subdivisions and employees of the University, which coordinates the main directions, forms and content of clinical work in the departments and structural divisions of the University.

Members of the council shall be approved by order of the Director on the basis of the written proposals of the Director of the Department of clinical work.

The Council is formed of qualified professionals of the University. In the activities of council, on the basis of invitation can participate employees of University that might not be the members of the council, representatives of health authorities, medical and preventive, educational and research institutions.

The Council is a form of collective management of the clinical work of the University.

Meetings of the council shall be held not more than 1 time per quarter. Deliberations and decisions are recorded in a protocol and signed by the chairman and secretary of the Clinical Council. Council decisions are binding on the staff of departments /units, services. Monitoring the implementation of decisions of the Council carries out the director of the Department of clinical work.

Basic requirements for the organization of the Clinical Board of the University based on the following normative documents:

  • Acting orders Republic of Kazakhstan Minister of Health of September 11, 2012 №628 «On Approval of the clinical bases of medical education.»



  • Coordination of clinical departments of the Institute with practical public health authorities, the basic medical institutions (including regional).
  • Prompt resolution of issues related to the organization of the clinical activity of the departments / units of the University.
  • Evaluation of the quality of medical diagnostic activities at the departments / units and structural divisions of the university.
  • Discussion of implementation of the learning / teaching process of new protocols and standards for diagnosis and treatment based on evidence-based medicine, according to the achievements of medical science.
  • Monitoring and analysis on the effectiveness of the introduction of new diagnostic and treatment technologies in practical public health by university employees.
  • Organization of scientific-practical conferences on topical issues of the university clinical disciplines.
  • Discussion on the organization of clinical training of highly qualified specialists.
  • Discussion of proposals for improving the structure of clinical databases of KazNMU.
  • Discussion of proposals for improving the methods of post-graduate training of doctors.
  • Consideration of complaints from a practical health authorities on therapeutic and diagnostic work of the staff of clinical departments of the University.