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Compulsory subjects:
General education subjects/mandatory component
  The history of Kazakhstan The purpose of the discipline is to provide objective knowledge about the main stages of the development of the history of Kazakhstan from ancient times to the present. As a result, students will be able to: demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the main stages of the development of the history of Kazakhstan; correlate the phenomena and events of the historical past with the general paradigm of the world-historical development of human society through critical analysis; possess the skills of analytical and axiological analysis in the study of historical processes and phenomena of modern Kazakhstan; to be able to objectively and comprehensively comprehend the immanent features of the modern Kazakh model of development; to systematize and give a critical assessment of historical phenomena and processes of the history of Kazakhstan. 5
  Philosophy The purpose of the program is to form students’ holistic understanding of philosophy as a special form of cognition of the world, its main sections, problems and methods of their study in the context of future professional activity. to describe the main content of ontology and metaphysics in the context of the historical development of philosophy; 5
  Module of socio-political knowledge (Sociology, Cultural Studies, Political Science, Psychology) The purpose of the program is to form the socio-humanitarian worldview of students in the context of solving the problems of modernization of public consciousness. 8
  Physical Culture The purpose of the program is to develop physical fitness, mobility of students, develop teamwork skills through various sports, improve motivation for an active and healthy lifestyle 8
  Information and communication technologies The purpose of the program is to develop the ability to critically evaluate and analyze processes, methods of searching, storing and processing information, ways of collecting and transmitting information through digital technologies. 5