Cooperation with Erzincan University


On the 2nd May of this year the head of the Erzincan University Ilyas Capoglu, guest from Turkey, visited our Kazakh National Medical university. During his visit, between universities was made agreements in the field of education. In accordance with these agreements 3 students of our university went to the Erzincan: Abdygaliyev Alisher, Dauytova Yulduzkhan, and Kulsinbayeva Meruyert.

In the prepared 4 week program, students were able to improve Turkish language along with acquaintance with history and culture of Turkey and visit resorts and cities situated close to Erzinjan. Other 15 students from 5 Kazakhstani universities also have participated in this program. Students were from Kyzylorda, Almaty and Astana.

The 1st day of the program began for students with the meeting Ilyas Capoglu, the head of university Erzincan, and Abdulkadr Demir, the mayor of the Erzincan city. On weekdays there were lessons of the Turkish literature and history. Along with these lessons, on Tuesdays there were evenings of Turkish national songs and on Thursdays lessons of national dancing. Then students were taken to the beautiful places like resort Ekshisu, the waterfall Girvenek, the beautiful city Trobzon known as Switzerland of Turkey, and also to cities Rize and Erzurum.

The program ended on the 17th of July. Students were awarded with certificates for successfully finishing the program dedicated to the perfection of Turkish language and acquaintance with Turkish history and culture.

This visit of our students to Turkey was useful not only for learning history, culture, and literature of Turkish people, but also to be helpful to our university in the future.

Although the Erzincan University was formed approximately 6 years ago, it has already bright reputation, and we hope, will have it in the future.

To keep on relationships between two universities will be helpful for both universities. For example, our university can organize language programs to students of the Erzincan University to learn Kazakh language, and demonstrate them our history and culture.

In conclusion, we can say that the visit of our students to Erzincan University united both universities to have friendly relationships for a long period.

Students of 4th course: Dauytova Yulduzkhan, Kulsinbayeva Meruyert.