Department of History of Kazakhstan and social and humanitarian disciplines


Department of History of Kazakhstan and social and humanitarian disciplines

Department of History of Kazakhstan and social and humanitarian disciplines is one of the leading departments KazNMU named S.D. Asfendiyarov. It was founded in 1931 as the Department of Marxism-Leninism S.D. Asfendiyarov, who was the first of its head. During the long years of the Medical University at the Department worked outstanding scientists.                                  From 1931 to 1938 the Department of Marxism-Leninism became known as the Department of  Political and Leninist dialectical materialism, which is in charge of M.D. Isayev in 1933-1938, I.A. Poluhin in the years 1938-1945., V.S. Naumets in 1946-1952.            Since 1958 the department has operated in the form of 4 independent departments: «Scientific Communism», «History of the CPSU», «Political Economy», «Philosophy». Head of the Department of Philosophy were: I.G. Bolgov in 1954-1957, Tulenov J.T. in 1958-1961, Isayev M.D. in 1961-1964, Caldas A.M. in the years 1964-1969, Dautov T.M. in the years 1970-1973, Burabaev M.S. in the period of 1973-1976. Department «Scientific Communism» in the years of 1967-1984 headed by M.K. Kunantaev. In 1980 the department was renamed the Department of Theory of Socialism (political science, sociology, basic rights) and the Department of Political Economy, Department of Philosophy.     From 1984-1995 he worked. chair of the theory of sociology, political science and the foundations of law was Biekenov M.A. The department of Philosophy in 1967-1989 headed by A.D. Yandarov. the Great Patriotic War who worked at the Department: docents E.H. Mukhamejanov, F.P. Aldanazarov, Alexander Rybakov, A.S. Rakhimov, S.K. Uteshov and teacher S.D. Umarov.                                                                                                                     In the 1976-1992 years Department of Political Economy was in charge of associate professor L.Y. Selemenova. Also V.D. Krymova worked at the Department as an Associate Professor, senior Lecturers: G. Kasimdzhanov, S.E. Saveliev. In those years were working individual classrooms, where equipped with the necessary literature in all disciplines led by K.A. Azhgalieva and laboratory K.N. Baybatyrova.                                                                                    Since 1990 the above-mentioned departments were renamed to the Department: Political Science, Sociology and basic rights and philosophy. 1995-1997 head of the department of political science, sociology, and the basics rights were Ph.D., prof. M.A. Biekenov. At the department for many years worked as a senior. G.T. Rsaldina, G.V. Kazaletskaya, S.K. Uteshov. the Department of Philosophy 1976-1989 headed by  Associate A.D. Yandarov, Professor A.A. Aimbetov, an associate professor at the Department S.K. Yuldoshhodzhaeva, E.S. Yugay.                  In 1995 the department of philosophy, political science, history and theory of the economy of Kazakhstan merged into the Department of social sciences, which was headed in 1995-1999 by doctor of Philosophy J.B. Bekbosynova. In 2000-2001 PhD, K.B. Ismagulova, Doctor of Philosophy Z.A. Kabaeva from February to September 1, 2001, Doctor of Philosophy prof. J.A. Altayev from September 2001 to March 2003.                                                                          Since September 2003 the Department of social and humanitarian subjects were divided into 2 departments: philosophy, political science, sociology, law, and the department of Kazakhstan history and its culture and economics.                                                                                    The years 2003-2006 Department of History of Kazakhstan, cultural studies headed lecturer in charge M.S. Kurmanova. In 2009 it was merged with the Department of History and Culture of Kazakhstan. 2006-2009 years the department of Kazakhstan history headed by lecturer D.N. Baimaganbetova. 2012-2013 academic year by an order of the administration KazNMU specified Department was divided into two modules: the head of module philosophy, sociology became associate professor Z.U. Bisembayeva , the Head of module Kazakhstan history and political science lecturer became G.T. Rsaldina. 2013-2014 academic year by an order of KazNMU № 09 of 30.08.2013 еwo modules are united «History of Kazakhstan and social and humanitarian disciplines.» Senior Lecturer O.K. Kudaibergenova. During the years of preparatory courses for foreign students has lectured and conducted seminars on the history of Kazakhstan.


Zinakul’ Ubaidayevna Bisembayevak.philosoph of sciences, docent

Zinakul’ UbaydayevnaBisembayevak.philosoph of sciences associate, professor giving lectures and seminars on philosophy in Russian and Kazakh languages. In 1998 she defended her thesis on improving the quality of the human environment under current conditions (social aspect of Philosophy).The area of study philosophical problems of knowledge of anthropology global problems.

Currently the department has: Head of the Department Associate Professor Z.U. Bisembayeva, head teacher of the department Ph.D. N.K. Dyusenova, PhD M.S. Sarybaev, associate professors are: candidate of sociology sciences Z.A. Nagaybaeva, Ph.D. R.I. Beysembina, G.T. Rsaldina. Candidates of Sciences : Ph.D. K.A. Tulentaeva, Ph.D. M.K. Dauytbekova , PhD M.A. Dzhekebaeva, PhD J.A. Amirkulova. The senior teachers are: T.T. Ospanov , S.A. Zholdybaeva, T.B. Tauekelova, N.A. Abdrazakova, N.M. Tattibek, K.N. Zhusupova. The teachers are: S.D. Tursynbayeva, R.A. Bazhenov, A.A. Kuranbek, M.I. Isayev, E.N. Chermuhambetov, J.M. Aldubasheva, K.M. Rustem, A.A. Imanbekova, B.U. Malikov, B. Moldakhmet, B.A. Baybugunov, E.T. Orazaev, B. Nuralina and technicians are: G.S. Sarsenbayev, M.D. Tattibek, G.K. Israilov, A. Magdanova, B. Mukanova.


Currently the department has 4 courses: history of Kazakhstan, philosophy, sociology, political sciences.                                                                                                                                              Staff of the department are actively involved in research and teaching, educational, and social work. Engaged learning methodology, national culture, socio-political movements, global issues of our time. In the educational process teachers are widely used innovative teaching methods.                                                                                                                                  Teachers of the department prepared educational-methodical complexes in the disciplines of philosophy, history of Kazakhstan, political science, sociology. As well as various handouts and digest text of the lecture.


Teachers of the department conducted a large educational work in the departments, and actively participate in various activities at the university level. At the department there is a scientific society «IbnSina». At the initiative of the rector advisor Professor J.G. Mustafina has organized scientific literature and cognitive organization «Tagzym», where the staff of the department are actively involved.                                                                                                                    Members of the NSC under the guidance of teaching staff regularly participate in in-country student competitions in political science, sociology and philosophy departments conducted KazNMU “Al-Farabi”, where our students are awarded with diplomas and valuable gifts. Students are also involved presentations neighboring countries. At the department a program trilingual. At the initiative of the rector  Professor A.A. Aykanova implemented a system for KRІ impact of the staff, where the results of which receive additional financial reward. The last two years, the department invited from Visiting professors from abroad, in the disciplines philosophy, political science, sociology, have the lectures, workshops and master-classes. In the 2011-2012 academic year the University of Turkey (Istanbul): HayatiTyufekchioglu, CengizCakmak, Yves Zhanklo in the 2013-2014 academic year, Mark Owen Webb (USA), IvanikStepan (Poland).

For the labors training and educational, scientific and socio-educational activities were awarded the bronze medal of the University lecturers R.I. Beysembina (2008), G.T. Rsaldina (2009), Z.U. Bisembayeva (2013).

Compiled by: associate professor Z.U. Bisembayeva, associate professor G.T. Rsaldina, Ph.D. N.K. Dyusenova.