Department of General Educational Disciplines


Educational department of general educational disciplines was organaized on the basis of the order №2156 of the 19th of August 2010 by the Academic Counсil  decision (prot №10 from the 30th of June, 2010).

The main aim of the Department activity is theoretic — methodological and practical-organizational providing the educational process and developing the quality of the educational service on the basis of the competence-based  approach.

The coordination of the chairs activities within the frames of the educational program realization.

The educational department fulfils the following functions:

  • providing the quality of the educational process
  • planning, renovating and introducing the educational programs
  • forming the key competences in students on each discipline within the frames of the educational programs
  • coordinating the working programs of disciplines considering the educational trajectories of the specialities in baccalaureate and mastership
  • introducing the innovations into the educational process
  • controlling the educational process at the chairs of the Department.

There is an educational program Committee at the department aimed at developing educational process at the University.

Under the guidance of general educational disciplines educational department are the following chairs:

  • Chair of the history of Kazakhstan, philosophy, politology, sociology
  • Chair of medical biophysics, information and mathematic statistics
  • Chair of Kazakh language with the course of the Latin language
  • Chair of Russian language
  • Chair of foreign languages
  • Chair of physical training and health.