Department of Strategic Planning

Department of Strategic Planning was established in 2008 as the Division of Strategic Development under the Department of Science of KazNMU, in 2009 was transformed into the «Division of Strategic Development of the University», later into the «Department of Strategic Planning».The head of Department is Sabina Nurakynova, MSc. Personnel: leading specialists Babayeva A.S., Begalina A.B., methodologist Kamaubayeva A.B.

Aims and objectives of the Department: (1) to develop and update the Strategic Development Plan of KazNMU in accordance with the main strategic documents of the Republic of Kazakhstan; (2) to monitor the implementation of the Comprehensive Plan of the main activities for implementing the development strategy for the academic year; (3) analysis of the influence of factors of the external and internal environment of the University through the PEST, SWOT, SNW-analysis and Porter’s competitive analysis; (4) benchmarking of core activities of KazNMU with medical schools of the RK and TOP 100 universities; (5) to prepare operational reports upon requests of the MHSD RK and the MES RK; (6) to form a finished report of KazNMU; (7) to assist in the promotion of the international project G-Global within the University; (8) to coordinate the activities in preparation for the University Days.


The Kazakh medical university is an innovative-oriental,  social-responsible university which is the leader in Center of Asia in multi-level training of competitiveness  experts of  health care and pharmacy through implementation of the competence-based model of medical and pharmaceutical education with broad involvement of domestic and foreign scientists and continuous accumulation of scientific potential.


KazNMU is a socially responsible leader recognized by the international communityin health education system, educating competitive and sought-after professionals, ensuring the unity of science, education and practice through the introduction of innovative technologies in all spheres of activities, developing national scientific medical school and promoting its traditions.


Providing high competitiveness of KazNMU and its transformation into the international level university.


            9 standard and legal documents,strategic andcomprehensive plans forUniversity, conceptualproposals for the developmentKazNMU, 20 information, analytical and presentation materials were developed for the entire period of activity of department (for example,BrandBook of the  University, the advertising leaflet of the University «Our Present and Future», «Welcome to KazNMU», University prospectusin 3 languages). Work on involvement of employees into the development of communicative platform G-Global is conducted since 2012 to the present (since 2014 – support of EXPO-2017).One of the maintasksof the department isto strengthen the imageand reputation of theUniversity,both at the localand internationallevel.In this regard the department of strategy and planningtakes part innational andinternational exhibitions (Exhibition of Healthcare of Kazakhstan in the framework of the 3rd Islamic Conference of Healthcare Ministers– Sept.29, — Oct.1, 2011, Astana city; international educational exhibition «The Higher and Postgraduate Education in Kazakhstan and Abroad»–Oct.28, 2011, Almaty city.;Virtual stands for the MHSD RK to virtual exhibition «Health care of Kazakhstan: the present and the future» on communicative platform G-GLOBAL; Kazakhstan International exhibition «Education and Career 2015″Apr.19-21, 2015, Almaty city; Exhibition at the international conference QS WORLDWIDE, Nizhny Novgorod,  sept.28-30, 2015.