Department on scientific and clinical work


Scientific work

It is aimed at creating conditions for the development of university  medical science,  innovative technologies in scientific research work, training competitive personnel potentials on the principles of evidential medicine in accordance with the international standards   and active introducing the results of researches in practical public health.

Department on scientific and clinical work

It was founded in 2003. Normative-legal documents, regulating scientific research and therapeutic-consultative activity are developed by the department. Scientific research, scientific-methodical and innovative work of subdivisions is coordinated. The department consists of expert commissions, dissertation counsels, sector of student’s scientific society of young scientists, scientific problem commissions.

Scientific-technical programs on the experimental-clinical grounding of the use of cellular technologies and tissue engineering in regenerative medicine are developed; researches on problems of intrauterine infections in perinatal pathology of mother and child are carried on; models of anti-aging and active longevity of elderly persons are developed. Complex studying and health prognosis of teenagers and young persons for the grounding of the system of quality improving RK genofund are performed. Measures on psycho-physical and social adaptation of young persons are developed. Researches on congenital development defects, medico-genetic, infectious and ecological problem aspects are carried out.

There are 6 dissertation counsels on 13 specialties in KazNMU: infectious diseases, epidemiology, allergology and immunology, microbiology, stomatology, public health and public health system, human anatomy, pathological anatomy, histology, cytology, cellular biology, pathological physiology, nervous diseases, phsyciatry, neurosurgery.

Department of post-graduate courses, doctorate studies and residency

PhD doctorate studies, mastership were founded in 2008 and it trains specialists in public health field. Mastership trains specialists in medicine, public health, nursery business, pharmacy, medico-prophylactic business. The residency was opened in 2008 on 31 specialities.