Distance education


The Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University is applying the distance learning technologies (DLT) for academic needs when it is required for postgraduate short-courses, or for the needs of the disabled students; also, these may be used for exchange programs students’ training, as well as for students, who had moved abroad with research and academic mobility purposes.

Distance learning techniques allow for obtaining not only theoretical knowledge but also practical skills required in the future. Today’s technological achievements make it possible to design and implement information tools that can alleviate the difficulties of combining the theory and practice in any discipline.


What do you need for DLT:


personal computer/notebook available, or regular access to personal computer, or digital gadget;

multimedia computer equipment: web-camera, headphones and / or headset;

internet access (speed more than 512 kbyte/sec);

e-mail user skills, office programs packages for generating and editing of electronic documents.



Distance learning process is managed in the system:  http://dis.kaznmu.kz/. The length of the academic periods is determined in accordance with the academic calendar. With the end of the semester during the period of the midterm attestation and in accordance with the academic calendar, every student must pass the final control tests attending them personally, as it is stipulated in the institution’s Academic policy.

During the theoretical learning period students study the discipline via the MOODLE electronic distance learning system, which provides all study resources (texts of the lectures, video lectures, presentations) , tasks (tests, written tasks, group discussions), as well as the possibility for online  (chat, audio-video conferences) and offline (correspondence, discussion forum) ways of consultation of the teacher.

DLT Instructions:

Инструкция для преподавателя

Инструкция для студентов


Distance Educational Technologies Department

Rectorat Building, office 245, tel: 338-70-90 (extension 7075, 7776);                       e-mail: [email protected]