Education Programs Committee


The head of the Education Programs Committee Professor, doctor of medicine Kulimbetov Amangeldi Seitmaganbetovich Rectorate, room 210 call: +7(727)2926969 in (220)

Committee established by order of the Rector on the basis of the decision of the Academic Council (Protocol №1 from 29.09.2010) and acts based on the Constitution of the University and the present situation.


The Committee’s Structure

The Committee is the University’s methodological advisory agency.

The Committee consists of highly qualified and experienced methodist among the leading professors, associate professors, advisors on relevant educational areas, student representatives, representatives of public health.



The main aim of the Committee is the development of the educational process at the University.

The main objectives f the Committee’s activity are:

  • training and methodological support and accompaniment of the educational process at the University;
  • scientific and methodological support of educational programs;
  • introduction of innovative educational technologies and promising forms of educational process;
  • the coordination of academic working of the University’s departments

Meetings  of the Education Programs Committee