Educational clinical centre


It was founded in 2008. The centre is a multi- profile therapeutic – diagnostic subdivision of the university with applying progressive forms and methods of teaching for training competitive medical specialists. The new technologies on diagnostics and treatment for diseases were developed and implemented. Highly specialized medical aid to population is rendered. Humanitarian, innovative and scientific-research projects are realized within the framework of the international cooperation between Luxembourg Great Duchy, Shanghai university of traditional chinese medicine. The centre has its in- patient department, polyclinic, department of ultrasound, R-diagnostics, endoscopy and it is a clinical base for departments of inner diseases, internship on therapy, ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology. The educational-clinical centre is a platform for elaborating and applying innovative technologies towards the educational- scientific- clinical trends on developing consulting services in public health system, on implementing mechanisms of state, private partnership in public health  system, training young specialists on LOR-surgery, cardiology, hepatology, functional, video endoscopic and ultrasound diagnostics.