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Experimentally-research work of a master's student

Number of credits– 13
Type of control– Differential credit
Description: Experimental research work aimed at developing creative thinking and independence in undergraduates; deepening and consolidating the theoretical knowledge gained; improvement of practical skills in collecting, analyzing, and interpreting the results obtained and describing the study; performed using modern methods of experimental and clinical research; based on international experience, evidence-based practice.

Master's internship

Number of credits– 3
Type of control– Differential credit
Description: The production practice of the undergraduate is aimed at gaining experience in the study of an actual scientific problem in the dental field; expanding the range of professional knowledge; formation of skills in conducting independent scientific work; collection of practical material for writing the analytical part of the master’s thesis.

Registration and protection of the master's project

Number of credits– 8
Description: The goal is to form the ability of students to argue for conducting research within the framework of the tasks; demonstration of the process of solving problems; independent work with databases, including foreign literature and regulatory sources; formulation of conclusions and determination of the practical significance of the results obtained.

Comprehensive exam (assessment of professional readiness of graduates)

Number of credits– 4