Model graduating student management

Model graduating student
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Mandatory disciplines
Elective Disciplines
Professional internships


ON 1 — demonstrate basic theoretical knowledge and understanding of facts, phenomena, theories and complex dependencies between them in business and management.

ON 2 — to competently operate with information, to argue conclusions and independently to apply information and communication technologies in professional activity.

ON 3 — to have the skills of public speaking, leadership skills, to be able to work in a team, to build organizational behavior, to resolve conflict situations, to observe professional ethics.

ON 4 — to have a General professional vocabulary in the state, Russian and foreign languages, to assess their knowledge and actions for further independent professional and personal training and development.

ON 5 – be able to collect and interpret relevant data to justify the results of work in accordance with the standards of economic documentation adopted in the organization.

ON 6 — to demonstrate an understanding of the relationships between different processes, phenomena and patterns in the field of Economics, management and marketing.

ON 7 — have the skills to implement the functions of practical management.

ON 8 — be able to make competent, informed management decisions in the professional field and critically analyze them.