Professional internships management

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Professional internships


Educational practice

Amount of credits-2
Control Type – exam
It is aimed at strengthening the knowledge of fundamental General professional and special disciplines on the basis of in-depth study of the ways of applying the theoretical knowledge in practice through direct work in government agencies, enterprises, organizations or on the basis of the Department in specialized classrooms, banks, insurance organizations, financial organizations, etc.. Getting the first research skills, business correspondence skills, practical skills and work skills in accordance with the specialty of training.

Manufacturing practice

Amount of credits-3
Control Type – exam
Consolidation of theoretical knowledge gained by students in the learning process. In-depth study of certain basic and core disciplines in economic specialties at various enterprises of the production sector, the provision of services and performance of work, in research institutions, state and non-governmental organizations and institutions, banks, insurance organizations, financial organizations, etc. Acquisition of professional skills by students, consolidation of knowledge gained in the study of theoretical material, the acquisition of practical experience, the development of professional thinking necessary for future professional activity.

Pre-diploma/ pre-Project analysis

Amount of credits-6
Control Type – exam
Perform complex analysis of the volume of production and sales of products (works, services) in value and volume terms, the volume of sales; the unit costs (costs) on production and realization of products; financial performance (revenue, profit, profitability); the qualitative composition of employees by education, occupation, work experience; indicators of productivity; indicators of product quality and its competitiveness; indicators in technical and organizational level of production.