Model graduating student of General medicine

Model graduating student
Program passport
Mandatory disciplines
Elective Disciplines
Professional internships

ON1 engage in medical activities applying knowledge of clinical and biomedical sciences to prove a qualified patient-centered treatment.

ON2 interpret the results of clinical, laboratory and functional research methods at the stages of diagnosis and treatment of common diseases.

ON3 understand public health concerns including prevention and common diseases information.

ON4 prescribe an adequate treatment in accordance with the clinical situation; provide emergency medical care, including first aid and reanimation.

ON5  carry out the professional activities of a general practitioner taking into account the laws adopted in society, regulations and ethical standards.

ON6 develop professional relationships with colleagues and the patient, work in a team to perform professional tasks effectively.

ON7  use IT technology in medicine for searching and critical analyzing information and work skills in medical information systems.

ON8 apply scientific principles, methods and knowledge of evidental practice to solve the problems of clinical medicine and continuous professional development.