Model graduating student EMBA

Model graduating student
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ON 1 form the knowledge of the theory and practice of modern management, is able to find promising areas of development, skills and abilities to use them in the practice of management in General and in health care.

ON 2 applies the skills of strategic, operational planning, risk management and successful forecasting of the consequences of decisions.

ON 3 uses a systematic analytical approach and principles of business management in the implementation of development programs of the organization, taking into account the specifics of medical business information to create.

ON 4 analyzes, synthesizes information, makes informed decisions for the implementation of lean manufacturing technology, and is able to solve issues of improving the internal efficiency of companies.

ON 5 uses modern principles of financial resources management, marketing technologies to ensure competitiveness in the market.

ON 6 demonstrates knowledge and skills of corporate governance and social responsibility, cooperation in priority areas of health care development.

ON 7 uses the skills of personnel management, interpersonal and intercultural communication to work in a team, plan risks and manage them, has the skills of change management and change.