Model graduating student of GH

Model graduating student
Program passport
Mandatory disciplines
Elective Disciplines
Professional internships

ON1 Applies Interdisciplinary Values to Conduct Global Health Research.

ON2 Able to acquire new knowledge and applied skills in research, professional and educational activities in the field of health.

ON3 Can apply diplomacy, leadership qualities that contribute to effective joint work in interprofessional teams in using qualifications in modern scientific approaches in the field of global health.

ON4 Apply knowledge in international health systems and the effects of globalization on health uses modern approaches to implement scientific information in the global health system.

ON5 Able to analyze the resource supply in the health care system (personnel, health technology, etc.) and apply methods to ensure the sustainability of the program for a high level of safety and organization of high-quality medical.

ON6 Demonstrates management skills in professional activities in planning, implementing, evaluating programs, using the principles of social justice and human rights in solving global health problems based on modern science and practice.

ON7 Demonstrates skills in self-analysis, professional growth to improve teaching and research activities at the higher education level.

ON8 Applies international roles of WHO, UNICEF, UNAIDS, the Global Fund, etc., and uses legal acts in the field of human health and human rights, the International Ethical Guidelines for biomedical research.