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Mandatory disciplines
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Professional internships


Pedagogical practice

Amount of credits– 8
Type of control – d/c
The content of the program reflects the basic rules of the educational process in the form of lectures, seminars, practical exercises. Application and demonstration of skills and teaching methods, innovative teaching technologies. The use of methods and forms of the modern pedagogical process. Pedagogical practice, as an important part of the educational process in the preparation of future teachers of medical universities.

Research practice

Amount of credits– 6
Type of control – d/c
Acquaintance with the latest theoretical, methodological and technological achievements of domestic and foreign science, with modern methods of scientific research, processing and interpretation of experimental data «. The formulation of the initial premises, the initial concept, the rationale for the chosen topic, goals and main objectives of the study.


Amount of credits– 24
Type of control – d/c
Compliance with the main issues of the specialty, which defends the thesis, relevant, containing scientific novelty and practical significance, is performed using modern methods of scientific research, based on international best practices in the relevant field of knowledge.