Model graduating student M

Model graduating student
Program passport
Mandatory disciplines
Elective Disciplines
Professional internships

ON1 Demonstrate developmental knowledge and understanding obtained at the higher education level, which is the basis or opportunity for the original development or application of ideas, often in the context of research.

ON2 Integrate knowledge, deal with difficulties and make judgments in incomplete or limited information in contexts and frameworks of broader (or interdisciplinary) areas related to the area being studied, taking into account ethical and social responsibility for applying these judgments and knowledge.

ON3 Describe the role of science and education, professional competence of a higher school teacher; modern trends in the development of scientific knowledge, current methodological and philosophical problems of health care and medical science.

ON4 Describe the methodology of scientific knowledge; principles and structure of the organization of scientific activity; psychology of cognitive activity of students in the learning process.

ON5 Describe legislation on the protection of public health, the legal framework for the activities of medical workers; methods of quantitative and qualitative analysis in medical and biomedical research.

ON6  Use the knowledge gained for the original development and application of ideas in the context of scientific research; critically analyze existing concepts, theories and approaches to the analysis of processes, phenomena and information.

ON7  Apply knowledge on pedagogy and psychology in their educational activities; summarize the results of research and analytical work in the form of a thesis, scientific article, report, analytical note, etc.

ON8 To use a foreign language at a professional level, allowing to carry out research and teaching special subjects in universities.

ON9 Apply the skills of research activities, solving standard scientific problems; the implementation of educational and pedagogical activities on credit technology education.

ON10 Use modern information technology and innovative teaching methods in the educational process.

ON11 Apply professional communication and intercultural communication skills; oratory, correct and logical design of their thoughts in oral and written form.

ON12 Expand and deepen the knowledge necessary for daily professional activity and continuing education in doctoral studies.