Professional internships M

Model graduating student
Program passport
Mandatory disciplines
Elective Disciplines
Professional internships


Pedagogical practice

Amount of credits-8
Type of control-d/c
The student will be able to demonstrate systemic knowledge and understanding of educational process, will be able to teach medical disciplines within chosen field of study, to model and predict pedagogical process, to solve standard pedagogical tasks; implement educational work with students; independently perform professional functions, objectively assess themselves and results of their work.

Research practice

Amount of credits-6
Type of control-d/c
The master student will be able to use this knowledge for the original development and application of ideas in the context of scientific research; critically analyze existing concepts, theories and approaches to the analysis of processes, phenomena and information. Apply the skills of research activities, solving standard scientific problems; implementation of educational and pedagogical activities on the credit technology of education


Amount of credits-24
Type of control-d/c
Obtaining new scientific results for basic and applied research in the field of health management; mastering the methodology of scientific creativity, obtaining the skills of conducting scientific research in the composition of the scientific team; the development of theoretical and experimental methods of research of health management.