Model graduating student of pediatrics

Model graduating student
Program passport
Mandatory disciplines
Elective Disciplines
Professional internships

ON 1. Demonstrates adherence to the standards of academic honesty, legal, moral, ethical and deontological principles and norms in dental activity.

ON 2.  Demonstrates an understanding of the basic social, historical, cultural and political processes, philosophical and worldview problems and applies language skills in dental activities.

ON 3. Applies knowledge about the structure and functions of molecules, cells, tissues, organs and biological environments of the body, basic physiological and pathological processes to understand the mechanisms of maintaining homeostasis and the development of dental diseases.

ON 6. Applies knowledge of the basics of clinical sciences to assess the general condition of a patient, identify his symptoms and syndromes of common and dangerous diseases to provide a patient-centered approach to planning preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic measures.

ON 7. Demonstrates the ability to interpret the results of a clinical examination of the patient, the main and additional laboratory and instrumental methods of research for diagnosis.

ON 8. Demonstrates skills in maintaining medical records and finding new information using information and communication technologies and medical information systems.

ON 9. Applies and demonstrates the basic skills of scientific research, understanding the principles of evidence-based medicine, skills of professional development.