Financial aid for Japan: 705 staff and students of Kazakh National medical university gave a one-day salary to help earthquake victims in Japan


April 5, 2011 at the Kazakh National Medical University, held an event on the transfer of material assistance to the victims of the devastating earthquake in Japan transfer the first tranche of funds collected by staff and students KazNMU named after S.Asfendiyarov with participation of the offices of the Japanese Embassy in Almaty, Mr. Masahiro Katamoto. staff of the Embassy of Japan in Kazakhstan, university staff and students. Fund raising continues and the first tranche of more than 1,5 million tenge (aid had 305 employees and students). The second tranche will reach nearly $ 2 million tenge. 400 staff and students have already written a statement regarding the transfer of one-day salary to the fund for assistance to victims of natural disasters in Japan.
Transfer of funds will be provided in a special account Nagasaki University marked «The Great Earthguake of Eastern Japan».

The Rector of KazNMU Aikan Akanov pointed out, that «our university could not stay away from this tragedy, we have many friends in Japan, the students sewed me the initiative to help the Japanese people during the first days after the disaster. We want to be with Japanese people during this difficult time. »
Aikan Akanov reported that 5-Japanese students studying in KazNMU were given a 50% tuition fee discount.