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ON1 Apply various communication formats, socio-cultural diversity, principles of equality and accessibility in education and healthcare, for a prosperous inclusive environment.

ON2 Possess high-level critical and creative thinking skills, the ability to self-regulate and reflect to solve professional problems.

ON3 Demonstrate knowledge and compliance with ethical issues and legal norms in the use of digital technologies and public health protection.

ON4 Apply fundamental knowledge related to professional values, attitudes, and behavior; critical thinking and analysis of interdisciplinary connections.

ON5 Conduct empirical research and present results in written and oral formats, create models of research and clinical activities.

ON6 Demonstrate general professional competencies related to ethical and legal norms, apply the knowledge necessary to take care of the health of the population.

ON7 Establish and maintain effective relationships with recipients of psychological services, develop intervention plans based on factual data, taking into account the goals of clinical services provision.

ON8 Apply discipline-specific knowledge in the field of research methodology and statistical analysis.

ON9 Structure original scientific works, conduct empirical research, and prepare reports on the results in written and oral formats.

ON10 Demonstrate expertise in assessing the psychological state of individuals, behavioral reactions, character of individual activity, and social groups.

ON11 Plan prevention, diagnosis, correction, and rehabilitation programs for clients with psychosomatic and psychopathological problems.

ON12 Interpret the results of clinical research, develop counseling programs, and prepare reports.