Educational and methodical work

The methodical work of the Department of Information and Communication Technologies is carried out in accordance with the standard curricula of general education disciplines, the work plan of the department and individual work plans of teachers. The department carries out educational and methodological work with students of the first and second year (dentistry) of all faculties of the university.

The educational and methodological work of the department is organized in the following areas:

  • comprehensive methodological support of the educational process mutual attendance of classes by teachers of departments;
  • introduction of innovative forms and methods of teaching;
  • the release of educational and methodological manuals;
  • independent work of students;
  • preparation of methodological guidelines on disciplines;
  • development of tests for the current and final control of students ‘ knowledge;
  • development of UMKD, syllabuses;
  • development of methodological guidelines for the organization of independent work of students and for the organization of the educational process using the Internet and multimedia technologies.

The teachers of the department use various forms of knowledge control in their work. Test control to determine the initial level of knowledge, written control work on solving situational problems.