History of the chair

Physics chair was organized among the top 10 departments of the Institute on November 25, 1931. During the organization the Chair consisted of 4 people (head of department, 2 teachers and 1 assistant). In 1931- 1932 Physics chair was based on the placement KazPI where lectures and laboratory classes were carried out. Since 1938, in connection with the opening of the pediatric faculty of the Department of State is composed of 7 members. In the postwar years the department has conducted educational work with students of 3 departments: medical, pediatric and sanitation, the number of employees up to 9 people (head of department, 3 senior teachers, 3 teachers and 2 laboratory assistant).
In the second half of the 50s with the organization of correspondence and evening forms of learning and discovery of pharmaceutical and dental faculties of the educational process at the Department of becoming multi-industry. In 1966 the department was formed spectroscopic laboratory, which allowed members of the Department along with academic work and conduct research work. The main topic of research was “Determination of trace elements in biological tissues.” At the same time, the department was established mechanical workshop for the repair of instruments not only of physics, but also in other departments of the institute.
From 1975 the department assimilated new training program which provided new types of specialty of medical electronic and medical cybernetics for the students of the second course. With help of department collective were appeared useful methodical aids for the teachers and students.
In 1991 according to the state obligatory standard of education for all specialties was entered new «Informatics» subject. By staff forces were created necessary methodical tools for teachers and students.
In 1999 according to the state educational standards for 1st year students of medical and pediatric faculties was introduced new discipline «Mathematics». Chair was renamed to «Medical biophysics, informatics and mathematical statistics».
According to the rector’s order of KAZNMU № 8 from 15.06.2012 chair of medical biophysics, information technology and mathematical statistics has been divided into two modules: computer module and the module of Medical Biophysics and mathematical statistics
By the order №5461 from 21.09.2016 «Informatics» and «Medical biophysics» modules were united into «Informatics chair with biophysics course».
The Department has been teaching the subject «computer Science» in English since the 2016-2017 academic year. Teachers of the Department have fully developed all teaching AIDS in English.
By order of the Ministry of education and science of Kazakhstan in the 2020-2021 academic year under the academic mobility program at the Department, teachers associate Professor Azhibekova Zh. Zh., lecturer Rakhmbayeva G. S at the Kyrgyz state medical University and Astana Medical University associate Professor Shadinova K. S., lecturer Jakhanova B. N. exchanged experience.
From 2020-2021 academic year on the basis of order No. 353 of 14.08.2020, the Department was renamed «Information and communication technologies».