Research work of students

Research work of students (R&D) is part of the general educational process and is included in the content of all studied disciplines and types of training sessions (from the Position of R&D).

The purpose of the R&D is to create a permanent, sustainable and effective research activity of students, teaching the principles of scientific research in accordance with international standards, improving the quality of the R&D of KazNMU in accordance with international standards.


  1. attracting students to participate in research work;
  2. ensuring the unity of educational, scientific and innovative processes with the formation and development of creative abilities, improving the professional and creative training of students, improving the forms of attracting students to scientific research;
  3. to promote the comprehensive development of the student’s personality, the formation of his objective self-esteem, the acquisition of skills in creative teams, involvement in organizational and innovative activities;
  4. providing students with the opportunity to realize their abilities in solving urgent problems of modern medicine;

At the Department of INFORMATION-Communication Technologies there is a scientific student circle «Ақпараттық технологиялардың медицинада қолданылуы».

Students of the Circle actively participate in the annual «Конференции по научно-исследовательской работе студентов КазНМУ имени С.Д.Асфендиярова», dedicated to the Day of the University and in scientific conferences outside the republics of Kazakhstan.

In 2023 April 21 there was the 1st round of the Student Annual International Student Subject Olympiad of Information and Communication Technologies Department. At the Olympiad participated 11 teams and 11 works were presented, of which 7 in Kazakh, 3 in Russian and the rest in English

The annual International Student Subject Olympiad was a success.  On time and after the completion of presentations, students were asked various questions, which they answered decently, proving that they were well prepared. List of winners of the Annual International Student Olympiad on the section — IT in medicine:

The format of the Olympiad is online

Team HEI Country, city Members Supervisor: Place
1 Renaissance


Astana Medical University Astana Abdenkul Shugyla

Әbdirahman Aya

Orynbayeva Aynur Serikovna I- place


2 Made in KAZNMU


KAZNMU named after S.D. Asfendiyarov Almaty Nugman Seitan

Kobolsynova Balausa

Kibatollah Madina

Kuatbek Zhanerke

Esimzhan Yolimzhan

Zhanar Azhibekova Zhubandykovna


II — place


3 Legion


KAZNMU named after S.D. Asfendiyarov Almaty Kalniyazov Diaz

Seyit Niyaz

Raul Akimzhanov


Rakhimbayeva Gulbarshin Sabetovna II — place


4 IT доктор


Tashkent Medical Academy Uzbekistan Daler Orifzhanov

Rakhmonov Elshod

Makhmudzhanov Mirazizbek

Khujamkulov Muhammadrizo

Khayrullayev Amirkhon

Safarov Ulugbek Karshibaevich III — place


5 ДиаМЕД


KAZNMU named after S.D. Asfendiyarov Almaty Amanbai Daniel

Nikita Globa

Zhanuzak Eskendir

Balkiya Kalibayevna Zhylanbayeva


III — place


6 IgisT


KAZNMU named after S.D. Asfendiyarov Almaty Seydahmet Esemgul

Birzhankyzy Togzhan

Akhmetzhanova Zhuldyz

Torehan Akniyet


Zhanar Zhubandykovna Azhibekova III — place


R&D of students on 2023-24 academic year

Under the guidance of: Full name of student Articles Conference location
1 Raximbaeva G.S. Kalnyazov Dias Нейросеть и медицина Collection of materials from the international scientific and practical conference of young scientists “Issues of biophysics in medicine” Tashkent — 2023
2 Ussipbekova D.I. Kuatbekova Azhara, student stom22-39а group, Zhalbagaeva Karina, student stom22-39а group Establishment of human medical data and first aid instruction in the digital banking application and its access to Egov. Integration of science as a mechanism of effective development proceedings of the XI international scientific and practical conference Helsinki, Finland November 28 — December 01, 2023