International Students’ Forum «D.O.C.»


International Students’ Forum program

Date: April 17-19, 2012

Venue: KazNMU, Almaty

Language: English

The aim: to develop international partnership among S.D. Asfendiyarov KazNMU students, partner universities and International Medical Students’ Organizations in order to give them opportunity to share their ideas, proposals, create and implement promising international joint projects.

The main requirement of joint international project: projects should be carried out with universities’ and students’ own forces and possibilities  (availability of necessary equipment for potential projects in universities and etc.).

April 16, 2012

Transfer airport (railway station)-dormitory of KazNMU

Time Activity Venue
16.00-18.00 Excursion


Guides :

Baimuhamedov Arman

Abdykadirov Mazhit

Badzhva Prabzhot Kour


Central Public Museum of city Almaty


The 1st Day – April 17, 2012

Time Activity Venue
08.00-08.20 Transfer of participants

Responsible person: Kunanbaev Kuanish

Dormitory — KazNMU campus
08.20-08.50 Breakfast

Responsible person: Mamyrkul Maksat

Building №2,  «Univer» cafe
08.50-09.15 Participants Registration

Responsible persons: Kenzhebaeva Anara,

Hairusheva Danira


Kongress hall
08.00-09.30 Preparing area for Fair cultures «My culture and country».

Responsible persons:

Mahmadizoda Manizha, Ismailova Sabina


Kongress hall
09.35-09.50 Grand opening

Greetings of rector A.Akanov and sponsors.

Link man: Abilov Abylaihan

Kongress hall
09.50-10.50 Fair of Culture «My culture and country».


(General exhibition. Getting students acquainted with culture and universities. Fun performance — demonstration of traditions /national dance / national music in national costumes. Time limit is 5 min).

Moderators: Mahmadizoda Manizha, Ismailova Sabina

Kongress hall
11.00-11.20 Excursion in Center of practical skills


Center of practical skills
11.20-14.00 Presentation of Ideas For Joint Projects


Hozhamkul Rabiga

Zablitskaya Mariya


Center of practical skills,

Conference Hall


14.00-15.00 Lunch

Responsible person: Mamyrkul Maksat

Building №2, «Univer» cafe
15.10-16.15 Exhibition of Ideas for International Joint Students Projects


Manasov Nurlen

Kairdenova Aliya


Center of practical skills,

Conference Hall


16.30-17.20. Preparing for an upcoming task – “Building the best joint project” – formation an international  teams.


Dana Meiramovna,

Aslan Baizahanov


Center of practical skills,

Conference Hall


17.25-18.20  Excursion by  KazNMU


Seidlazym Meruert

Abdykadirov Mazhit

Kulmagambetov Mukhit

Maratova Meruert

Pirmanov Azat

Badzhva Prabzhot Kour

Dishmuk Sonam

Saida Zanira


Museum, Library, Institute of dentistry, Centre for Communication Skills, Hall of Fame


18.20-19.00 Dinner


Responsible person: Mamyrkul Maksat

Building №2, «Univer» cafe
19.00-21.00 Team-building game

Moderator: Abdrasheva Dana Meiramovna

Shadyarova Dana

Congress hall




The 2nd Day– April 18, 2012

Time Activity Venue
08.30-09.00  Transfer of participants

Responsible person: Kuanish Kunanbaev

Dormitory — KazNMU campus
09.00-09.30 Breakfast

Responsible person: Mamyrkul Maksat

Building №2, «Univer» cafe
09.30-14.00 Interactive task — the development of a joint international project of the student-«International Students Cooperation? As easy as a pie! »

Consultants: Kashibaev Artur,

Baizahanov Aslan


Center of practical skills,

Auditoriums № 218,222,226;

Center of communication skills

14.00-15.00 Lunch

Responsible person: Mamyrkul Maksat

Building №2, «Univer» cafe
15.00-16.00 Competition of projects

Moderator: Hozhamkul Rabiga

Zablitskaya Mariya



Alexander Supady (Germany)

Yizhak Michaelevski ( Israel)

Luca Bruzati (Italy)

Armen Gasparyan ( Great Britain)

Naudziunas Albinas (Lithuania)


Building №1, Rectorate, 2-3 floor, Hall of Fame
16.00-16.30 Coffee break

Responsible person: Urazymbetova Kymbat

Building №1, Rectorate, 2  floor, Hall
16.30-17.30 Competition results summarizing and winners award

Juries: Alexsandr Suppadi(Germany)

Aizek Mikhailevskii ( Israel)

Luka Bruzatti (Italy)

Armen Gasparyan ( Great Britain)

Nauzzhyuans Albinos (Lithuania)


With the participation of rector A.Akanov and pro-rectors  of KazNMU named after

S.D. Asfendiyarov

Building №1, Rectorate, 2-3 floor, Hall of Fame
17.30-18.30 Dinner

Responsible person: Mamyrkul Maksat

Building №2, «Univer» cafe
18.30-22.00 Excursion by Almaty

Responsible person: Ilyasov N.E.


Baimuhamedov Arman

Seidlazym Meruert

Abdykadirov Mazhit

Kulmagambetov Mukhit

Maratova Meruert

Pirmanov Azat




The 3rd  Day– April 19, 2012

Time Activity Venue
09.00-09.15 Transfer of participants

Responsible person: Kunanbaev Kuanish

Dormitory — KazNMU campus
09.15-09.45 Breakfast

Responsible person: Mamyrkul Maksat

Building №2, «Univer» cafe
10.00-12..00 Trainings (AIESEK, Centre for Communication Skills of KazNMU)

Responsible person: Zhumagalieva Karina

Center of practical skills,

Auditoriums № 218,222,226

12.00 -13.00 Lunch

Responsible person: Mamyrkul Maksat

Building №2, «Univer» cafe
13.00-15.00 Round table «Сontemporary students’ issues »

Moderators: Kulmagambetov Mukhit,

Sabralimov Alisher, Tleuzhan Aruan


Experts: Head of International Cooperation Department

Conference Hall

Centre of communication skills

15.00-17.00 Participation in Nauryz celebration KazNMU campus
19.30-23.00 Farewell-evening

Responsible persons:

Urazymbetova Kymbat

Matchanova Firyuza

Zhumagalieva Karina

Building №2, «Univer» cafe


April 20, 2012

Transfer  dormitory-airport (railway station)






The development of international co-operation between medical students and international student organizations, to exchange experience, ideas, and the main goal — to create and implement a joint project.


The Forum should help to:

1) Strengthen cooperation between S.D. Asfendiyarov KazNMU and partner universities, through the development of cooperation between university students;

2)  Maintain a favorable image of the participating universities;

3) Share knowledge, ideas and experience between foreign, Kazakh students and international students’ organizations

4) Provide opportunities to direct acquaintance with the KazNMU students and medical students of Partner Universities. Development of students international activity.

5)  Contribute to science, and social life of participating Universities.


Forum subject 

Topic of the Forum is development students’ cooperation between partner universities.

In this connection it is planned to organize a competition to create the best international collaborative project. It will be held in an interactive way on the basis of submitted projects and ideas, as well as reports regarding benefits of their universities and countries in the field of medical education and technical research base, etc. It is necessary to make obvious for participants that the projects must be practically significant, and feasible with own students’ forces for research and other possibilities of universities (availability of necessary equipment for potential projects in universities and etc.).

Subjects of joint international projects:

  • A project in a research area (for example, to organize an international scientific research, where each student will take some part of the study in their own country on the basis of the university research base on a particular research group. Also, you may have other ideas in this area);
  • A project regarding burning social issues of students life of your countries (for example, to organize exchange of scientific literature, or create any other project that could solve a problem of your students’ life);
  • A project on your own topic.

It is planned to attract representatives of international student organizations, national student organizations of RK, who will organize trainings, workshops, discussion of current issues of international cooperation and their resolution, debate by the sections.

To enhance opportunities of strengthening students’ cooperation it is planned to organize the series of team-building activities in the format of sport and entertainment games.


Participants of the Forum 

It is expected that participants and visitors of the Forum will be:

— Students of SD Asfendiyarov KazNMU’s foreign partners;

— Representatives of national and international student organizations;

— SD Asfendiyarov KazNMU students;

Estimated total number of participants 120.


Regulation of the Forum

Forum is proposed to be held in Almaty on April 17-19, 2012. In a 3-day set of plenary and breakout sessions, presentations, exhibition of cultures, projects, sports and entertainment events, and there is a plan to conduct it every year.

It is assumed that there will be international jury, which will be given 24 hours to review all joint projects, and with the possibility of time zone mismatch it is expected to limit the quantity of the jury by three scientists. The jury will be determined later.

The Forum will award:
-Financial rewards for the best joint project. The amount of prize will be divided into two parts, first part will be given in the beginning of the project and the second once project is implemented. Financial reward is a payment for labor and input of the winning team, and not for the project’s implementation;


Venue of main sessions and exhibitions

The main venue is proposed to be the KazNMU campus territory. The place for sports event and farewell evening will be in Almaty out of campus and determined later.


Frequency of Forum

 We suggest to conduct Forum annually in turn in Partner Universities (or in sequence: 1 year on the bases of S.D. Asfendiyarov KazNMU and the second year on-line, for summation of previous «DOC» Forums and to reward carried out joint projects). It is expected to monitor the implementation of the joint projects in June, and to reward it with the Forum results summation in October on-line.

This year the «DOC» Forum will be held on April 17-19, 2012.


Forum Partners

Interaction with the foreign partner universities.

Partners and International students Organizations cover travel expenses only for their representatives sent to participate in «DOC» Forum to Kazakhstan, Almaty (provide participating students with visa and two way tickets).

To discuss issues of:

—       provide perforce students with universities’ technical and research basis for implementing  their joint projects.

—       selection of the jury;

—       to create collaborative prize fund.

Interaction with international and republican students organization on behalf of the SD Asfendiyarov KazNMU rector invitation to participate in the «DOC» Forum will be send to foreign partner university rectors, the chairmen, presidents of international student organizations with no entry fee for participants. On our part we cover part their staying cost in Almaty (meals, accommodation in the SD Asfendiyarov KazNMU dormitories).



The degree of the Forum organization success, its international prestige and influence on the development of student cooperation will be annually evaluated by the following parameters to be measured by analyzing the list of participants and visitors, questionnaire and in-depth interviews with the representatives of the participating student organizations:

— Возможно, вы имели в виду: соревнованиеПройдет

the number of partner universities participating in the forum;

— the level of satisfaction degree of Forum participants and visitors;

— quantity and quality of implemented joint projects.


Expected Results 

The result will be to strengthen the partnership between the participating universities, jointly implemented projects between university students and which will actively promote the development of future health professionals, both Kazakhstan and all of the participants, and as a consequence the development of medicine.

Annual plan 

Number Activity Period, year Expected Results
1 Preparation and implementation of the International Student Forum «DOC» February-April 2012 1)      The development of the students’ international cooperation
2) The creation of joint international projects
3) Actualize the resolution Roundtable 2011
4) Cooperation strengthening between the partner universities and KazNMU
5) Knowledge, ideas and experience exchange between international, Kazakhstan students, and international student organizations;
6) To promote the growth of Universities’ students
2 Projects monitoring June  2012 Implementation of projects

Awards for projectsOctober 2012

1) Satisfied winners
2) The motivation of students for further cooperation;
3) Contributing to science, and social life of participating Universities