News from DEMW


In  20th February 2013 year the dean of the Faculty»General Medicine» Dzhumasheva Rahim Tazhibaevna, organized a meeting with the 1stcourse students  who studies in English language. In a meeting there were directors fromD.E.M.W-M.S.Abirova,director from E.D -A.AZholdybaeva, and R.R Yusupov, head of the D.E.M.W-E. A., Slavko,director E.L -N.A.Toleevand  with the vice-dean of the faculty  «General medicine».

The 1st year students’ of our University are trained in English language by a project program trilingual education.

The meeting is focused on organizing of the educational process and scientific work of students, as well as the possibility of replenishment English literatureof the book fund of the University Library.

Students noted the high professionalism, knowledge of English, as well as used in the classroom teaching and teaching material teachers:

1. E.W Kuandykov — Department of Molecular Biology;

2. S.N Romaniuk- Department of normal anatomy;

3. T.VSerezhkina — Module of Kazakhstan history and political science

Students expressed their gratitude to the University for giving a chance to fulfill their potentiality in  developing of language competence and ability to  work on educationalscientificprojects with help of  the Englishliterature.


DEMW director                                                                                                  M.A.Abirova