Personal growth club «Rainbow» and its active participants studied psychotherapeutic method «art therapy” from 08.05.2012 to 21.06.2012


  Art therapy is one of the most mysterious areas of psychotherapy. Art is  art therapy — treatment. Art therapy is one of the most flexible but it is deep in the arsenal of methods for psychologists and psychotherapists. Drawing provides a natural opportunity for the development of imagination, flexibility and plasticity of thinking.

During the work, the participants came into contact with out-therapy, molded from clay and gypsum (mask therapy), origami, applique, and other projective psychological techniques. Leaders and consultants: prof. Asimov, MA, T.V. Fomenko

The trainers: Zainov Medet, Buitekova Zhulduz, Galymova Sarra, Arystanbekov Dias, Klepikov Dmitrii , Sydykov Meyer , Momynov Bakhytzhan , Mukhtarkhanova Dyalyara, Bairamov Binali, Rakhimov Arkhat, and Fomenko Tatyana.