Personal Growth Club “The Rainbow”


The founder and the leader of the Personal Growth Club

professor Asimov M.A.



The idea of ​​creating the club has been conceived a long time ago. The club has a short personal growth, but a very rich history. The club has started in 2000, at the Department of Psychiatry, Narcology psychotherapy, leading by professor Asimov M.A. The club has not only research work, but practical, when students study various schools of psychology and psychotherapy. The extraordinary thing of the club is the basic principle of «Learning yourself by teaching others.»

The general principle is based on the psychology of learning, in particular, the «theory of the pyramid of knowledge», when a student teaching others, receives and learns 70-80% of the information. The other feature is that students use an interactive form of learning and training. While, leading teachers of university continue to use traditional forms. Now we are developing and implementing interacting. As result graduates, who were active participants of the club further became leading trainers and teachers of the department and of the Center of Communicative Skills. Nowadays, the personal growth club “The Rainbow” is existing under the motto “Learning yourself by teaching others”.


The motto of the club:

 «Learning yourself by teaching others!» 

The Purpose:

• To facilitate personal growth, creative adaptation of the participants, self-actualization, enhance internal freedom, education communicative culture of the participants.

The Objectives:

• to facilitate  improvement of students’s personal properties (selfmotivation, program of personal development and self-realization);

• to develop teamwork skills, the ability to control and management teams;

• to build communicative culture of the students;

• to facilitate the transition from the rank relationship to the complementary one;

• to give practical knowledge how to  use psychotherapeutic techniques, using the principle  «learning by teaching»;

• to develop ability of reflection and self-reflection, with deep sense of self-confidence;

• to develop skills of recognition of  own wishes, to control thoughts, plan actions based on responsibility

• to promote creativity and openness to new experience;

• to facilitate deep self-acceptance and reality;• to develop  tolerance for other people’s beliefs, regardless of the social environment, and people’s opinions.

Status of the club


Voluntary association of people based on unity of purposes, goals, and interests.

1.1.It is a safe enviroment, confidential atmosphere and synergies.

1.2.The club is open to everyone who is aimed at the intellectual and cultural

1.3.The club is open to everyone who is aimed at the intellectual and cultural growth and mental development.

1.4. The club‘s activity is defined by the goals and objectives of the organization.

1.5. The club «RAINBOW» is informative — educational, creative setting.

1.6. The activity of the club is regulated by the Club’s Rules.

           17. Documents desribing the Club’s activity are  plans, reports, minutes, pictures, outlines and creative products.

Schedule for the academic year 2012-2013.


Subject Trainer Supervisor Number of trainings Dates
1 TTT (Train The Trainers) Club’s council  Assimov M.A.Fomenko Т.V. 8-10 Sep-Oct
2 Psychodrama Binali BairamovSarra Galymova Assimov M.A. 8-10 Oct-Nov
3 The Fairytale Psychotherapy Fariza UteshevaDias Arystanbekov Fomenko T.V. 10-12 Nov-Dec
4 Body Art Dilyara Mukhtarkhanova  Shein P.V. 4-6 Jan
5 NLP Madina Kassymzhanova  Kurbanova A.O. 8-12 Feb-Mar
6 Suggestive Psychotherapy Bekzhan ShokhanovNurlen Manassov Doschanov D.K. 6-8 Mar-Apr
7 Introduction to Psychoanalysis Bakhytzhan Momynov Assimov M.A.Fomenko Т.V. 8-12 Apr-May