School of Public Health. К. Dosmukhamedov «KazNMU after  S.D.Asfendiyarov»  Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the framework of the scientific and technical program «Development of the model (the program) to provide anti-aging active longevity of elderly people of Kazakhstan»(2011-2013.)  November 30, 2012 held an international scientific-practical conference        «Medical and social aspects of active aging»  in the  «Days of the University »
The Conference recorded 246 participants  gave presentations scientists from 5 countries (Kazakhstan, the UK, Japan, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan). Conference participants learned many new achievements of scientists from different countries, have marked their worthy contribution to global research process in health and social issues of active aging. Scientific field, conducted in the Republic of Kazakhstan, is consistent with the requirement of time, as the proportion of older people is increasing every year and is projected by 2020 to reach 25%. This requires the integration of scientific, economic and social reforms in the field of gerontology and geriatrics in the country.
Of special note Kazakhstan’s cooperation between universities and research centers in the U.S., UK, Japan, Israel, China, Ukraine, and Kyrgyzstan, etc.
To the Conference adopted a Resolution.