Republic educational-scientific-clinical centre “Stomatology and maxillofacial surgery”


“Stomatology and  maxillofacial surgery” centre was founded in 2009.

It is an educational –clinical base of the stomatological profile chairs and it renders consultative – methodic aid in arranging educational process and scientific investigations and also highly qualified therapeutic consultative aid.

The educational – scientific – clinical centre deals with developing and analyzing normative acts on improving activity of republic stomatological service and stomatological institutions.

It consists of specialized centres on problems of oral cavity face, neck, diseases of oral cavity and parodontium mucous membrane, neurostomatology and joint pathology. Practical classes are held at therapeutic, surgical, orthopedic, orthodontic and children departments. Surgical operations are performed in maxillofacial area development abnormalities, tumors, dental implantations and also organ preserving methods of treatment are applied. New innovative technologies are implemented into the educational process, imitation – modeling role games, bank of unique phantoms of stomatological profile are used.