Research Management Department

Goals and objective of a Student’s Scientific Society

  1. The main goals of the activity of the Student’s Scientific Society (SSS) is development scientific -research works students of the university and progress higher results.
  2. To achieve this goals the Student’s Scientific Society decides the following tasks:

— coordination activities students scientific curled (follow SSS)  of the University,

— propaganda and popularization and social activities among students.

— organization and holding scientific conferences, forums, seminar, round-table meetings, olympiad, competition and other scientific events.

— assistance in the publication and implementation of the results of scientific work of students of the University

— assistance students of the University to participate international and interuniversity conferences, olimpiad,  seminar, scientific forums and congress.

— assistance in presenting scientific works of students for grants, nominal scholarships, prizes and other forms of moral and material encouragement.

— collection, accumulation, systemization and dissemination of information to the scientific research work of students.

— other tasks contributing to the achievement of the above goals.

Goals of the Council of Young Scientists

Assistance  constant professional growth of talented scientists, their active participation in research and innovative development of the university, coordination of activities and pooling of their potential for decision complex scientific problems on the basis of a systematic approach and supporting joint projects with with Council of young scientists from other

native and  foreign scientific organizations and higher education institutions.

The main task of the Council of Young Scientists of Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University

To achieve own goals of the Council of Young Scientists  decides the following tasks:

— the development of mechanisms for identifying talented young scientists and revitalization their participation in research and innovation activities

— organising and development of business and creative communications with scientific industrial enterprises, companies, Council of Young scientists from other native and foreign scientific organizations and higher education establishments.

— revealing and search of ways the decision of scientific questions socially — household problems with which talented young scientists are faced, who have achieved significant scientific results or

engaged in the introduction of innovation.

engaged in the introduction of innovation.

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