School of Public health named after Kh. Dosmukhamedov


About School

School of Public health

The chair «Policy and management of health care» the Kazakh national medical university named after of S.D. Asfendiyarov was created on July 16, 2009, the order No. 44.

Tulebaev Kazbek Agabilovich– head of the department


The principal of Public Health care named after  H.Dosmukhamedov doctor of medical sciences, professor. In 1982 he  graduated from the Aktyubinsk State medical institute majoring in pediatrics. In 1982-1985 in the direction Kyzyl Horde as the children’s surgeon in regional hospital, the teacher, and then – the head of office in medical school worked in.In 1985 it was transferred to Almaty where worked as the research associate managing office of Research institute of regional pathology, and since 1991 – the leading research associate of Research institute of hygiene and occupational diseases. He was the manager of office of initially physician sanitary aid of Scientific center of medical and economic problems of health care, and since 1996 – the deputy director on the scientific work, acting directors. In 1998 it is translated as deputy director general of the National center of problems of formation of a healthy lifestyle. He was the head of the Working group on Almaty area, in the project of the World Bank on health care reform. Held a position of the First deputy the Director General of the National center of problems of formation of a healthy lifestyle, and since 2004 – the Director  General.

In 1990 defended the master’s dissertation on a subject «The main aspects of primary medico sanitary aid in preservation of health of school students in the area of the city».

In 2001 defended the doctoral dissertation on a subject «Scientific justification of reforming and development of primary medico sanitary aid in Kazakhstan in the conditions of transition to the market». In 2003 the academic status of the professor is appropriated

He is the expert of the European Regional bureau of World  Health Organization  of public health care and was repeatedly involved as the adviser at the international seminars – meetings and conferences.

Author of 27 monographs and more than 200 scientific works, including monographs. Under he is management are protected 5 doctor’s and 8 master’s theses.


Turdaliyeva Botagoz Saitovna d.m.s. professor of chair,

Aimbetova Gulshara Ergazyevna – c.m.s., director of studies of chair,

Shegirbayeva Karlygash Baydullayevna – c.m.s., associate professor,

Nurmukhanbetov Rasheed Nurmukhanbetovn – c.m.s., associate professor,

Hasenova Zaure Hamidullovna – c.m.s., associate professor,

Abdukayumova Umitzhan Asylbekovna – c.m.s., associate professor,

Ramazanova Manshuk Anerovna the — senior teacher of chair,

Kusmoldayeva Zhazira Nurasylovna the-senior laboratory assistant of chair,

Estemesova Gulim Makhmetzhanovna – the laboratory assistant of chair.

The chair trains undergraduates, students 3 courses of faculties: the general medicine, pharmacy, public health care, nurse business of internal office, students of a correspondence department in the Kazakh, Russian, English languages.

Main disciplines of chair: policy and management of health care, strengthening of health and a social science, strategic planning in health care, an operational management, bases of demonstrative medicine, medical statistics in health care and pharmacy, public health care, management quality of medical services, quality management of medical care, planning and the organization of the research work, new organizational approaches in creation of uniform national health system.

For strengthening of processes of science integration and education, compliance to the international standards of training of medical workers, developments of scientific and educational potential in health system in 2009 are created functional structures of university: The center of demonstrative medicine and on the basis of chair «Policy and management of health care» and the Center of demonstrative medicine School of Public Health care of H.Dosmukhamedov.

The center of demonstrative medicine of the Kazakh national medical university named after S.D. Asfendiyarov was created on the basis of the solution of the Academic Council from September 29, 2009, the director is d.m.s. Turdaliyeva B. S.


The main activities of the center of demonstrative medicine of the Kazakh national medical university named after S. D. Asfendiyarov are:

1. Search of information and methodological data in demonstrative medicine, for the subsequent their wide inclusion in educational process and preparations for this qualified teaching structure on a constant basis;

2. Development of new criteria of the higher medical education on the principle basis of the medicine based on proofs, formation of the corresponding ideological and methodological base;

3. Introduction in practical health care of principles and methods of demonstrative medicine, for improvement of vocational training of medical experts in rendering of high-quality medical care to the population on the basis of using demonstrative medicine principles;

Since October 27, 2009 is a part of School of public health named after H. Dosmukhamedov are:

Employees of center of evidential medicine:

Turdaliyeva Botagoz Saitovna, d.m.s.  – the director of CEM

Musaeva Bakhyt Almasbekovna – the leading expert of CEM

Rakhmatullayeva Nargiz Umarovna – the expert of CEM

Tulebayeva Indira Kazbekovna – the expert of CEM

The school of public health named after H. Dosmukhamedov it was created by the solution of an academic council from 27, 2009

Purpose of school of public health care named after H. Dosmukhamedov: training of specialists to the new generation in the field of public health care, on the basis of integration of the scientific directions, educational programs and practical skills of related subjects in the field of a state policy of protection and strengthening of health of the population.

Tasks of school of public health care named after H. Dosmukhamedov:

1) Development and adoption of the new concept on public health care

2) Stage-by-stage integration of educational programs of related subjects on public health care;

3) Ensuring unity of a science, education and practice;

4) Providing continuity, a flexibility of educational programs on public health care.

Realization strategy:

1. Integration of the scientific directions in the field of public health care

• Creation of Coordination council on development of applied scientific researches in the field of public health care with attraction of professorial teaching structure of related subjects of KazNMU, scientific research institute, scientific center of Kazakhstan, including other countries

• Active involvement of undergraduates and students in carrying out complex scientific research work, to collaboration with professorate for search of talented young people.

• Introduction of results of scientific research work in educational process of related subjects

2. Integration of educational programs in the field of public health care

• Creation of the Working group (the educational and methodical center) on public health care

• To determine key subjects or concepts by public health care for the integrated training of undergraduates and students on related subjects, carrying out joint lessons

• Introduction an innovative technologies of training (interactive, on the basis of competence, etc.)                                                                                                                                                    • Organization of continuous and multilevel educational process (bachelor degree, magistracy, doctoral studies of PhD, master administration business)

• Adjustment of communication with public health care schools of other countries to exchange of experience between scientists, teachers, undergraduates and students

3. Integration of practical skills in the field of public health care

• On the basis of the demonstrative medicine Center training of professorial teaching structure, undergraduates, residents and students to bases of demonstrative medicine

• On the basis of the student’s health strengthening preparation Center of trainers among undergraduates, residents and students to technologies of the organization and carrying out sanitary education healthy lifestyle promotion

• On the basis of Club «Lawyer of health» preparation of trainers on legal aspects – to knowledge and skills patient’s interests protection about safety and strengthening their health

Chair activity: With a view of strengthening of educational process, development of the international partnership and as the relations with medical schools of the Republic of Kazakhstan the following events were held:

From November 30 to December 4, 2009 the chair hold the international seminar for undergraduates and professorial teaching structure under the name «Management in Public health and Evidence-based medicine» with the invitation of teachers from Israel Aviv Zohar – Director of Nursing of Internal, Geriatric and Cardiology division, Kaplan Medical Center и Ella Muler – Director of Nursing, Oncology and Hematology, Rambam Health Care Campus

On January 27, 2010 it took place the presentation of School of public health care named after H.Dosmukhamedov, as opening guests of presentation were invited akkad. Sharmanov T.Sh., prof. Kucherenko V. Z. (Russia), Prof. Meymanaliyev T.S. (Kyrgizsky Republic), akkad. Rakishev A.R., prof. Mirzabekov O. M., prof. Zhuzzhanov O. B. (Astana), prof. Yeremeyev A.M. (Karaganda), c.m.s. Akdauletova E.S., Indershiyev A., prof. Kenesariyev U.I., d.m.s. Ahmetov V. I., prof. Asimov M. A., prof. Tabayev A.A., prof. Duysekeev of A.D, Datkhayev U., prof. Esenzhanov G. M., prof. Kulzhanov M. K., prof. Rakhypbekov T.K., prof. Nemenko B. A., prof. Seydumanov S. T., Syzdykova K.Sh. Kaynarbayeva M. S., Ivanchenko N. N., «Management in health care and pharmacy», head of chairs of public health care of KAZNMU and other RK medical universities, and as the International organizations: World Health Organization (WHO), Children’s fund of the United Nations in Kazakhstan, USAID.

On January 27, 2010 it was the discussion about round table «The Public health care in the world and Kazakhstan» in which took part: prof. Akanov A.A., prof. Kulzhanov M. K., prof. Kucherenko V. Z. (Russia), prof. Meymanaliyev T.S. (Kyrgizsky Republic), d.m.s. Ahmetov V. I., prof. Nurgazin O. N. (Astana), assistant professor Aykesheva A.S. (Astana), prof. Zhuzzhanov O. B. (Astana), prof. Bazarbek Zh.B. (. Families), prof. Rakhypbekov T.K. (. Families), Moldashev Zh.A. (Aktyubinsk), prof. Yeremeyev A.M. (Karaganda), prof. Shayanov V. N. (Almaty), prof. Kausov G. K. (Almaty), Aringazina A.M. (Almaty), prof. Haydarov T.S. (Almaty), MD Tokmurziyev G. Zh. (Almaty), prof. Kamaliyev M. K. (Almaty), prof. Buleshov M. A., prof. Satarov A.I. (Almaty), Ahmetov H.A. the head of chairs of public health care of KAZNMU and other RK medical universities. Main thematic questions of discussion: «Understanding of public health care from a position of Public health care in the different countries of the world, Modern requirements to Public health care and prospects its development in Kazakhstan, public health epidemiological service and Public health care, the Concept and mission of the Sсhool of public health care named after H. Dosmukhamedov in the light of modern positions».

In the program gave lectures Akkad. T.Sh.Sharmanov, prof. V.Z.Kucherenko (Russia), prof. T.S.Meymanaliyev (Kyrgyzstan), prof. M.K.Kulzhanov, prof. A.A.Akanov, prof. K.A.Tulebayev, prof. M.A.Asimov, prof. U.I.Kenesariyev, prof. Since Rakhypbekov . Darisheva M. A., к.м.н. Karzhaubayeva Sh.E. (Kazakhstan), к.м.н. Abdukayumova U.A., c.m.s., Aliyev A.K., Daniyarova A.B., K.S.Kydraliyeva, leaders groups of KAZNMU of «TOP 100» Amankulov Zhandos, Kushpeleva Natalia, Aynakuloav Daniyar, Nikolaev Rezeda. Work in small groups was carried out by moderators undergraduates and the II courses of training Tulebayeva Indira, Alimkhanova Ayymkul, Aytbayev Saltanat, Gizatullina Aaliyah, Rakhmatullayev Nargiz, Nazarov Irina, Myrzakhmetova Sholpan, Kydraliyev Karlygash, Erkinbay Gallia.

These actions were carried out thanks to integration of efforts of chair «Policy and management of health care», the Center of demonstrative medicine entering into School of Public Health care named after H. Dosmukhamedov.