Scientific and practical control and analytical laboratory of chemistry and pharmacognosy

Scientific and practical control and analytical laboratory of chemistry and Pharmacognosy (NPKALKhiF) was created in 2019 as part of the Scientific Research Institute of Fundamental and Applied Medicine named B.A. Atchabarov within the framework of the strategic development of NJSC “Kazakh National Medical University named S.D. Asfendiyarov.

The goals of NPKALKhiF are:

  • providing an analytical base when performing applied and fundamental scientific research works, master’s and doctoral dissertations, as well as joint scientific research between domestic and foreign scientists;
  • conducting laboratory and practical classes in academic disciplines, assigned to the School of Pharmacy, in accordance with the current curriculum and schedule of the educational process, being a place of practical training;
  • implementation of research activities in the field of pharmaceuticals and technologies of pharmaceutical production for pharmaceutical development and pharmaceutical analysis.

The creation of this laboratory, in accordance with the mission and vision of the university was intended to contribute to the training of highly qualified competitive specialists, the development of new technologies for pharmaceutical production, and research projects.

NPKALKhiF is equipped with modern measuring instruments and testing equipment, which undergo annual verification. She successfully passed two certifications (2019, 2022) for a period of three years. The laboratory has created all the conditions for quality control of pharmaceutical substances, medicines and medicinal plant raw materials.

In 2020 NPKALKhIF was replenished with two Soxhlet apparatuses, a set of light filters for FEC AE 30 F, tripods, crucible pincers, a centrifuge with an angular rotor Microfuge 16, magnetic stirrers, Titroline eazy autotitrators; in 2021, using the Bauman-From device, devices for distilling alcohol and alcohol-containing products, for distilling alcohol, for determining boiling limits and for determining the content of essential oils using the Ginsberg method (method 1); in 2022 rotary evaporator STEGLER, laboratory glassware and ultrasonic bath SAPPHIRE (2.8 l);

This year the laboratory was equipped with: a freeze dryer West German company ZirbusVaCo2 complete with a Biryusa freezer within the framework of a scientific project: IRN ARO 9259196 (supervisor Zhaparkulova K.A.), pharmaceutical refrigerators Pozis-140 and thermometer TL-2 ±250 oC;

NPKALKhIF works closely with other laboratories and structures departments of the university, domestic LLPs (“Medservice plus», FitOleum», «Bulanpharm», «Zhaik and AS», etc.) and foreign pharmaceutical firms and companies (“Santo”, “Bionorica”, etc.).


Minbayev Bakhtiyar Оrdabekuly

Head, Scientific and Practical Control and Analytical Laboratory of Chemistry and Pharmacognosy (2018) – alumnus of the Pharmaceutical Faculty Almaty State Medical Institute (1969), Candidate of Chemical Sciences (1981), Seniour Research Associate (1985), Professor of the K.I.Satpayev Kazakh National Technical University (1999-2017), Associated Professor, Corresponding member of the Kazakhstani National Academy of Natural Sciences (2018), Member of the Scientific Council of International Association Academies of Sciences on Book Edition, Culture and Libraries (2002, Kiev, Мinsk), Member of Pharmacy School Council (2020г.)


Еnsebaeva Gulmira Bektemirovna

Senior laborant