Sector of students’ scientific-research work and council of young scientists

Scientific research work of students and young scientists of the university is coordinated by organizational structure which unites students’ scientific work and young scientists. By the decision of University Academic council this functional organization was approved as a department of SRWS and the Council of young scientists. The department of SRWS and CYS is a structure obeying to the vice-principal on scientific and clinical work. The activity of the department is directed to the assistance of improving the quality of education, developing the students and the young scientist’s scientific philosophy of life and adequate scientific culture of research also effective using of creative potential of students and young scientists in realization of main scientific direction of the university.

The main tasks of SRWS and CYS Department are attracting the students and young scientists to the scientific research and inventive activity, foundation of innovative medium for students and young scientists in solving essential tasks of medicine, developing of ability to the active and rapid adaptation to modern conditions sciences, effective selection of ability and talented students, young scientists for the supplement of pedagogic and scientific staff of university.