Simulation center in Dentistry

In connection with the transition of KazNMU to a new model of education and the introduction of a competence approach, it became necessary to monitor and develop the graduate’s practical competence in all areas and disciplines.

The main goal of the Center for Simulations in Dentistry is to constantly update and implement new curriculum and thematic curricula using innovative educational technologies, forms and methods of teaching students.

The Center adheres to all the basic principles of didactic work, which are well established in the near and far abroad educational activities.

The tasks of the CS in dentistry are to translate procedural skills on modern dummies and simulators, play clinical situations using full-size interactive mannequins, teach using modern diagnostic and production equipment, and also using virtual computer games.

The Center for Practical Skills in Dentistry has four phantom classes equipped with fourteen modern educational dental workstations. They are staffed by:

  1. Model of the jaw for tooth extraction.
  2. Model of the jaw for implantation.
  3. Model of the jaw for anesthesia.
  4. Model of the jaw with periodontal disease.
  5. Model for restoration restoration.
  6. Model of toothless jaw.
  7. Model with partial loss of teeth.
  8. Model of the child’s jaw.
  9. Model for suturing with stocks.
  10. Set of teeth.

In the center of medical simulation for dentistry

  • OCSE unit
  • Block of instrumental diagnostics
  • Block of medical cases
  • Quality control block for implementation of practical skills
  • Training of teachers in Chairs in the evaluation and transfer of clinical skills
  • Training of standardized patients
  • Development of assessment methods and expertise of clinical skills


Simulation Center for Dentistry for 2019-2020 academic years.

Educational process:

The Center summarizes the relevant experience of the academic work and strives to provide the conditions for creative activity for each student.

High intensity of training is combined with maximum approximation to reality in a phantom cluster.

Levels of study:

Level  1 — PRE-CLINICAL aimed at the technology of manufacturing dentures;

Level 2 — PHANTOM testing of manipulations on modern interactive dental phantoms (odontopreparation, impression removal, anesthesia, cavity formation, removal of dental plaque, implantation, dental extraction, etc.);

Level 3 — CLINICAL on real patients on the basis of the dental institute of KazNMU;

Getting practical exercises


Anesthesia on a phantom


Odontopreparation of teeth on a phantom





Tooth extraction on a phantom


Suture steps on a phantom


Collective solution of a situational problem


Definition of central occlusion of jaws




 Prosthetics Planning


Practical skills