Simulation center in Pharmacy

For meeting the requirements of the modern educational standards, according to decision of Rectorate and Asfendiyarov KazNMU Academic Council, on September 16th, 2011, the Center of practical skills by Pharmacy specialty was established. Here each student can master and improve all the basic practical skills for his future profession.

The main mission of the Center is the equipment and material support for the development and training of students’ practical skills of the future profession.


To make up practical competence of the KazNMU graduating pharmacists at different training levels by opening up conditions for the phased and interconnected development of practical skills from the 1st year to the end of training.


  • To study the list of practical skills of «Pharmacy» and «TPhP» specialties
  • Create skills training modules
  • development of technological regulations for the medicinal product production
  • producing dosage forms in pilot industrial conditions
  • quality control of the received medicines
  • Conducting seminars with teaching staff, preparation of teaching and examination materials
  • Preparation for the IHA (undergraduate)

The work of the Center is based on the following principles:

  • individualization of training on the basis of the use by each student of the faculty using complex of teaching aids, consisting of practical skills on pharmaceutical production equipment
  • the use of end-to-end training programs for teaching practical skills, this implies that the student having basic level of technology for performing practical skills on each following module can master more advanced skills
  • continuous improvement of the quality of informational, methodological? material and technical support of the educational process