SPECIALTY 5B130300 «Pediatrics»

TERM OF TRAINING — 5 years bachelor’s degree + 2 years internship

Training of students in the specialty 5В130300 «Pediatrics» is carried out for a period of 5 years bachelor’s degree + 2 years internship

The graduate who completed the training on the educational program of higher special education and successfully passed the final certification in the specialty «Pediatrics» is given a diploma on completing higher education with qualification «pediatrician», and certificate of completion of the internship with admission to independent practice as a doctor pediatrician.

The subjects of the graduate’s professional activity are:

— provision of qualified medical care for children of different ages in the most common diseases of internal organs;

— provision of specialized medical assistance in the form of primary health care;

— planning of scientific research and development of pedagogical skills;

Profiling subject: Biology