Department of Strategic Development and International Cooperation

Head of Department:

Stepkina Elena Leonidovna,

Candidate of Pharmacological Sciences, Excellent worker of Public Health

Number: 8(727) 3387000 (dn. 7019)

E-mail: [email protected]


About the Department

The Department of Strategic Development and International Cooperation is an independent structural division of the University and is directly subordinate to the Chairman of the Board — the Rector for strategic issues of development of the University and for other issues within the competence of the Department the first vice-rector of the University.

The main goal of the Department is:

Strategic planning of the University’s activities, taking into account priority areas for the development of the education, science and healthcare sectors of the Republic of Kazakhstan, establishment and development of external relations and cooperation with foreign partners.

Department structure

  1. Department of Strategic Development and Monitoring.
  2. Department of International Cooperation.

Main activities of the Department:

  • development of directions for the strategic development of the University’s activities in accordance with national projects for the development of the sectors of education, science and healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • monitoring the University’s activities in implementing the Development Program, identifying opportunities for improving activities, including achieving the University’s target indicators;
  • improvement of the system of monitoring and evaluation of strategic indicators, key performance indicators of the University and its subsidiary organizations, carried out through the collection, compilation, reconciliation and analysis of data;
  • development and presentation, based on the analysis, of recommendations for improving work in priority areas, organizational and functional structure of the University;
  • implementation of tasks in the field of international cooperation and internationalization of activities within the framework of the University Development Program;
  • collecting information, studying and compiling analytical materials about the main world trends in the development of higher and postgraduate medical education;
  • development, support of the conclusion and monitoring of the implementation of cooperation agreements in the field of education, science and clinics with foreign partners;
  • conducting a comparative analysis (benchmarking) of the university education system with the education and science systems of the most developed countries of the world.

Department of Strategic Development and Monitoring
Department of International Cooperation