Strategic Marketing Department

The department was formed in the structure of the Department of Strategic Monitoring and Development by the decision of the Board of the NAO «KazNMU named after S. D. Asfendiyarov» dated 01.06.2020 according to the organizational structure of KazNMU.

SMD goals
The main goal of the Department is to strengthen the competitive position in the market or increase the competitiveness of the University by meeting the needs of consumers, both at native country and abroad, by implementing developed and updated system for promoting educational, research, clinical and other services based on the developed and implemented marketing strategy of the University.

SMD objectives

• Formation and control of the implementation of the University’s marketing strategy;
• Preparation and implementation of regular marketing plans;
• Development and organization of marketing research;
• Improving the effectiveness of the University in the marketing direction;
• Preparation of proposals for the formation of a competitive advantage of the University;
• Analysis of the University’s pricing policy within the framework of market trends;
• Analysis of the effectiveness of marketing activities.

SMD staff

Head of the Strategic Marketing Department – Akhatayev Nuratkhan Alimkhanovich [email protected] ext. 7258
Chief Specialist of the department — Omarov Kadyr Toktamysovich [email protected]
Specialist of the department — Kartabayeva Altynay Nuralykyzy [email protected] ext. 7197
Location: administration building, 2nd floor, office No. 210.