Strategic Monitoring Department

Improving the system of monitoring and analyzing the University’s activities and evaluating the implementation of the strategic and other plans and documents of the strategic level.

1) Improvement of the University monitoring system;
2) Identify, on a systematic basis, opportunities to improve the University’s activities, including the achievement of target indicators and indicators of the University’s strategic directions;
3) Organization of data collection from structural divisions, their generalization and analysis, preparation of a summary report on the implementation of the strategic directions of the University;
4) Development of recommendations for improving the planning and implementation of the Development Program, approved strategic directions and indicators, the annual Development Plan and the University’s efficiency maps;
5) Improvement of the reporting system, development and improvement of the methodology for calculating strategic indicators, the methodology for compiling reports;
6) Supervising the development of efficiency maps and strategic documents by the university’s subsidiaries, research institutes and research centers;
7) Joint work with other departments of the Department – the Department of strategic marketing and quality management system;
8) Approval of analytical reports on the results of the implementation of the marketing strategy and recommendations to strengthen the competitive position of the University;
9) Monitoring of indicators, reports and evaluation of the implementation of the strategic and other plans of the university at the strategic level, preparation of recommendations for their improvement;
10) Monitoring the reasons for non-implementation of measures to implement the University’s strategy, as well as developing recommendations for overcoming them;
11) Analysis of consolidated reports of structural divisions within the framework of timely implementation of strategic development measures;
12) Control over the provision of materials necessary for monitoring the implementation of the strategic development of the University from the structural divisions within the established time frame;
The Department is directly subordinate to the Head of the Department of Strategic Monitoring and Development (hereinafter-the Department).

Structure of the department
Head of the Department: Izbenova I.I.
Specialists: Gabdolkarimova G.K. ,Dabarov A.A., Dosumbekova I.M.

Contact details:
Tel: 338-70-45; extension: 7045, 7044, 7347, 7529