Department Functions


7.1 attracts foreign students to study programs in a foreign language, organizes admission and recognizes educational documents;

7.2 manages tuition fees for international students;

7.3 participates in the integration of curricula taught in a foreign language into the academic environment of the University;

7.4 carries out psychological, cultural and other adaptation of foreign students in the university, urban and suburban environment;

7.5. Participates in creating the image of the University abroad and marketing the services provided in foreign countries;

7.6 organizes and manages advanced training of medical workers and students from other countries and partner institutions abroad;
7.7 organizes and coordinates cooperation with foreign partners;

7.8 organizes and manages activities for the academic mobility of students and staff at the University;

7.9 oversees the strategic partnership of the University and designated institutional membership in international organizations;

7.10 monitors and analyzes the attractiveness of the internal environment of the University for international research and makes proposals for its improvement;

7.11 supervises the activities of graduates of the University for foreigners;

7.12 prepares and administers projects within the functions of the international faculty.