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Director Institute of Nursing,

Sundetgali B. Kalmakhanov

Vice director – Dean of faculty

Ivanchenko N. Nellya


Institute of Nursing was created by the decision of the Academic Council (meeting №1 dated 09.28.2014) Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University (KazNMU).

The purpose of the Institute is to enhance the quality of education by improving the scientific, educational and practical activities in nursing in accordance with national and international standards.

The major activities of the Institute are:

-carrying out of research in nursing;

-reforming the nursing education;

-reforming the practice;

-development of international cooperation;

-self-governing and consolidation of the nursing profession.

The structure of the Institute includes the Dean of Nursing and Training Department of Nursing. The institute has highly qualified personnel, good equipment and all necessary conditions for quality training. Currently at the Institute trained more than 200 future specialists in the management of nursing activities. The number of graduates more than 250 people!

At postgraduate level, the Institute provides training in a magistracy on a specialty «Nursing». Today, trained 15 masters working for the head of nursing in different health care organizations, as well as leading specialists in nursing of territorial health departments of the Republic.

Teaching staff orients students to the holistic perception of the clinical, administrative, managerial and psycho-pedagogical disciplines which allows to control the process of acquiring knowledge and skills of future specialists.

Within the framework of the Concept of development of nursing in Asfendiyarov KazNMU the Institute of Nursing developed competencies required for nurses of different levels, revised and improved job descriptions of nurse-manager in accordance with international requirements. Training of nurses-managers and nurses of different levels are held with the invitation of visiting professors, as well as with the involvement of the faculty of the relevant theoretical and clinical departments of Asfendiyarov  KazNMU.

The Institute carries out research projects within the grant funding of the Ministry of Education and Science and within university grant of Asfendiyarov KazNMU.

Institute of Nursing works closely with University «Southampton» and the University «Dundee» (United Kingdom), Charles University (Czech Republic), the University of Health Sciences (Lithuania).